Global hiring toolkit

All in one place

All in one place

Unlock the world of hiring potential with the most comprehensive set of employment info – all in one place.

Global coverage

Global coverage

Access hiring insights across 80+ countries around the globe—from compliance documents to real-time salary insights.

Real Time data

Real-time data

Leverage Deel’s local hiring expertise with more than 10,000 data points verified by real employers and employees.

Make an informed global hiring decision

Get all your international hiring questions answered with our extensive collection of employment resources.

Misclassification Quiz

Mitigate worker misclassification risks using our combo of AI and award-winning research into employment court cases.


Employee Cost Calculator

Get a precise estimate of how much a potential global hire may cost
from social security
to injury insurance.

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Global Salary Insights

Explore and benchmark salaries for roles in 120+ countries to stay within your hiring budget and make a competitive offer.

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Global Employment Comparison

Instantly compare local laws and employer costs like benefits, holidays, minimum wage, and onboarding times across 80+ countries.

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Take-Home Pay Calculator

Help new hires know the salary they’ll take home after taxes, so you can make an informed, competitive global offer

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Global Benefits Tool

Offer the right package. We’ll help you navigate the statutory, common and competitive benefits in each market.


EOR vs Entity Calculator

Looking for the most cost-effective way to expand your team abroad? Discover the best option for your business with our instant calculator.


It's Our Liability, Not Yours

When you hire employees with Deel, we take on all employment liability to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.

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Always-on 24/7 Support

Morning, noon, or night our support team's logged on. Have a question? We'll be there to answer it.

Go from offer letter to onboarded in minutes

Got a new hire in Germany or maybe Brazil? Set them up to work compliantly in minutes. Create a custom contract that’s compliant with local laws, send it to sign, and they'll get onboarded almost instantly.