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What is a global mobility strategy?

What are global mobility services (GMS)?

What is global mobility

Global mobility refers to the capacity of an international company to proficiently deploy members of its workforce to operate in different countries. Global mobility is also referred to as talent mobility.

Suppose a company has achieved true global mobility. In that case, it can successfully navigate relocation logistics, employment law, immigration requirements, income tax withholding and reporting obligations, global payroll, mandatory employee benefits, culture acclimation, and global talent management.

Increasingly, large and small companies are expanding outside their home countries to capitalize on the international market, promote their development, reach out to customers worldwide, and collaborate with partners. These businesses are implementing global mobility strategies.

Companies implementing mobility strategies require willing mobile employees to relocate to another country permanently, for long-term or short-term international assignments, frequent business travel, or regular commute to a new country. Alternatively, companies can choose to hire mobile employees to perform remote work in a new location.

What is a global mobility strategy?

A global mobility strategy is your business’s unique plan for seamlessly relocating employees to live or temporarily work for your company in a foreign country. An effective global mobility strategy must integrate with your business plan, corporate vision, and company culture to help you deploy a global workforce:

  • Efficiently, under a short timeline with minimum friction

  • Consistently, ensuring every individual worker’s transition follows a similar process

  • Compliantly, in regards to both home and host country regulations

What are global mobility services (GMS)?

Global mobility services can help your company develop and implement a global mobility strategy. Global mobility services are also called global mobility providers or relocation management companies.

A global mobility provider can help your company develop and implement a global mobility program. A global mobility program comprises a formal global mobility policy or policies that outline the company’s relocation benefits, explain who is eligible, and describe how the company administers the program.

Global mobility providers comprise mobility consultants who are experts in global mobility solutions to help companies reduce organizational costs, minimize relocation timelines and create a smooth relocation process that improves talent strategy and talent retention.

An international move is a huge life change. Global mobility services can be an extension of your human resources (HR) department, ensuring employees feel prepared for relocation.

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