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What is the purpose of a probation review?

What are the key components of a probation review?

How can you prepare employees for a probation review?

What are the potential outcomes of a probation review?

Are there legal considerations associated with probation reviews?

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What is a probation review

A probation review is an evaluation process conducted at the end of a worker’s probationary period to assess their performance, fit within the company, and suitability for permanent employment.

What is the purpose of a probation review?

The purpose of a probation review is to provide both the employer and the workers with an opportunity to evaluate the initial employment period: 

  • Employers assess the new hire’s performance, behavior, and overall fit within the company—a probationary period usually takes three to six months, enough time to determine if a worker on probation is a good fit for the position and the workplace
  • Workers get a sense of their team, roles, responsibilities, work environment, and whether there will be career development opportunities in the company—they will use this information to assess whether the role and company meet the expectations set during recruitment

The probationary review ultimately helps determine whether to confirm the worker’s position after the trial period or terminate the employment. The same is true for the workers as they decide whether to continue working for the company.

What are the key components of a probation review?

A probation review typically covers the following components:

  • Performance evaluation: Assessing how well the worker has met the job expectations and objectives
  • Attendance and punctuality: Reviewing the worker’s reliability and consistency in attending work
  • Behavioral assessment: Evaluating the worker’s attitude, teamwork, and adherence to company culture
  • Decision-making: Using the information about the worker’s initial performance to decide about the future of the worker in the company
  • Feedback and communication: Providing constructive feedback and discussing any areas for improvement
  • Worker insights: Collecting feedback from the worker about the onboarding and probation process, any challenges they met, and suggestions for improvement—these can be valuable insights that help improve your processes
  • Future goals: For those successfully completing probation, the review will include goal setting and scheduling check-in meetings to support employee development

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How can you prepare employees for a probation review?

Well-designed orientation and onboarding processes will prepare workers to pass their probation period by covering the following elements:

What are the potential outcomes of a probation review?

The potential outcomes at the end of the probation period are:

  • Confirmation of employment: The worker completes the probation period and receives a permanent position in the company
  • Extension of probation: The employer extends the probation period to give the worker more time to meet the required standards—they may receive an improvement plan to address performance issues 
  • Termination: The employment terminates if the worker does not meet the expectations and is deemed unsuitable for the role

Additional resource: Consult our probation review meeting guides covering the three probation outcomes.

Yes, there are several legal considerations associated with probation reviews:

  • Employment contracts: The probation period and review process need to be outlined in the employment contract and communicated during orientation
  • Fair treatment: Probation reviews need to be impartial to avoid discrimination claims—collecting feedback from multiple stakeholders will offer a more holistic view of the new hire’s performance
  • Notice periods: Notice periods when terminating employment need to comply with local labor laws 
  • Documentation: Detailed records of the review process and any decisions made will protect the company against potential legal disputes (especially in cases of termination)

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