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How long is a workation?

What makes an effective workation?

Where can I have a workation?

What is a workation

“Workation” is a portmanteau: a made-up word combining work + vacation. A workation is a working holiday where you work remotely in a new location while incorporating new experiences and leisure into your day. You might associate a workation with working on a beach, but you can work from any destination you wish, like a cabin, resort, theme park, or cruise.

Workations can be a mix of personal vacation days and business working days. It depends on your schedule and desired work balance.

How long is a workation?

The length of a workation is up to you. According to an online survey, most American workers take about 1-4 weeks off. However, your company’s PTO or vacation policy may determine how long a trip you can take.

Be careful if you’re taking an extended workation

Because many employers now offer flexible working policies, workers are also increasingly taking longer trips while “working from anywhere.” This can be a great way to explore an area or stay with friends, but be sure you’re aware of immigration and taxation requirements. 

Many countries require a special work permit or visa in order to work within the country. These come with limits on how long you can stay in the country–Iceland, for example, grants 180 days for those with its remote work visa.

There’s also a risk of foreign taxation. An extended stay could mean being considered a tax resident of the country, requiring you to file a tax return. You may end up responsible for additional taxes.

What makes an effective workation?

Workations can be effective plans that benefit your energy and motivation while also maintaining your productivity and job satisfaction. An effective workation is planned and balanced.

Plan out how your responsibilities will be covered

Stepping away from your day-to-day responsibilities means ensuring that those needs can be taken care of by a team member. The PTO plugin for Slack is an easy way to set your time off and assign colleagues to cover your @mentions. Factor in time zone differences for team calls or deadlines, and reserve luggage space for a laptop and other work accessories you need.

Strike a balance between work and relaxation

Refreshing your routine can help your overall well-being and creativity. Find boundaries between your work and leisure time so you have dedicated time with friends or family. Set realistic expectations about your productivity and find a proper workspace to help you retain your focus.

Where can I have a workation?

A workation can take you anywhere your passport can go. Some of the fastest-growing destinations offer enticing remote worker visas with extended stays and favorable tax structures.

Some popular destinations with accessible internet and a great cost of living include Brazil, Dubai, and Italy.

Workations can be local too. Staycations in a nearby hotel or resort are also popular options for those usually working from home.

Explore more workation destinations: Discover countries that offer remote work visas.

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