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Marketing Manager Job Description Template

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Estimated salary range: $52,000–$135,000 USD

For positions in USA

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The role of a marketing manager is crucial in developing and implementing strategies to drive revenue and promote the organization's brand in accordance with business strategy and customer needs. marketing manager responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Analyzing market trends and customer insights to identify growth opportunities
  • Managing marketing budgets and measuring ROI on marketing efforts
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to execute marketing initiatives
  • Tracking and reporting on marketing performance metrics

Below is a job description template built specifically for the marketing manager role. Feel free to use it and adapt it to your specific needs.

About [Company]

This section convinces candidates to apply for a role at your Company instead of another. Include practical information about the Company, as well as details about its culture and values.

[Company] helps [Target] do [x].

[Company] consists of over [x] employees spanning over [x] countries. Our culture combines unity and diversity of culture to drive learning and innovation, improving ourselves and our products.

Delivering unparalleled products in the market is made possible by our cutting-edge technology, unmatched expertise, and a global team, all of which are vital to our success and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why should you be part of [Company] success story?

We envision a world of [x].

We offer [Target] all the tools they need.

There’s never been a more exciting time to join [Company]

About the marketing manager role

Consider whether you need a description of the role or prefer to list duties and responsibilities directly as a bullet-point list.

In the marketing manager role, you’ll play a crucial role in the marketing department. You understand the impact you’ll create on improving the bottom line and boosting brand awareness, playing one of the most vital roles in the Company on a day-to-day basis.

At [Company], the marketing manager's duties include:

  • Owning the marketing budget and ensuring its effective allocation across marketing programs and channels
  • Conduct market research and analyze consumer behavior and industry trends to develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns and strategies (across various marketing channels)
  • Ensure marketing activities and initiatives are rolling smoothly and performing as expected
  • Oversee the creation of marketing materials and content for new products and services
  • Track and analyze marketing metrics and KPIs to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Manage and maintain a positive company brand image and messaging
  • Lead and manage a team of marketing professionals, including collaborating with cross-functional teams to align marketing efforts with business goals and objectives set by senior management
  • Prepare reports and presentations on marketing performance and strategies, using problem-solving skills to address weak areas of performance
  • Coordinate with external agencies, vendors, and partners
  • Prioritize continuous improvement by monitoring competitor activities, adjusting marketing strategies, and engaging with customers for feedback
  • Attend industry events, conferences, trade shows, and networking opportunities to foster positive relationships with media outlets, influencers, and potential clients
  • Collaborate with the sales team to support lead generation and conversion skills, as well as the product marketing manager for optimal product development and advertising 

About compensation

The more openly you talk about compensation and benefits, the more honest and attractive your job listing will be. We suggest a brief introduction about the values behind your compensation package, followed by a bullet-point list with the details of what is offered.

  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Equity
  • Perks
  • PTO
  • Personal development budget
  • Health and wellness budget
  • Pension plan
  • Insurance contribution
  • Off-sites or events

Marketing Manager Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field is required (a Master’s degree is preferred)
  • [X] years of experience in a marketing role and previous work experience in a managerial or leadership position are highly valued
  • Previous experience in managing and motivating a dispersed team is preferred to maintain a positive work environment
  • A solid understanding of marketing principles and strategies, including knowledge of market research, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and campaign management
  • Proficiency in marketing tools and software, such as customer relationship (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms, analytics tools such as Google Analytics, social media marketing tools, and email marketing platforms
  • Experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Proven track record of former campaign performance and data-driven marketing plans
  • An understanding of graphic design, copywriting, and other content marketing methods is valued

Marketing Manager Skills

List the soft skills and personal qualities you are looking for in the perfect candidate.
  • Creativity - creative thinking abilities are necessary to develop innovative campaigns and strategies that capture attention and resonate with the target audience
  • Communication - verbal and written communication skills are crucial for effectively conveying ideas, collaborating with team members, presenting strategies to stakeholders, and engaging with customers
  • Adaptability - adapting to the dynamic marketing landscape is necessary to understand (and adopt) evolving market trends, consumer preferences, and new technologies
  • Analytical thinking - strong analytical skills are needed to make data-driven decisions, measure campaign performance, and acquire insights to optimize marketing strategies
  • Leadership and project management - leadership skills are essential for guiding and inspiring a marketing team, setting goals, fostering collaboration, and driving results
  • Emotional intelligence - understanding both one’s own emotions and the emotions of others is valuable for building relationships, resolving conflicts, understanding customers’ needs, and staying on top of public relations
  • Strategic thinking - critical thinking is necessary to align strategic marketing efforts with overall business goals, identify opportunities, and make strategic decisions

How much does a Marketing Manager make?

The exact salary of a Marketing Manager can vary based on factors such as experience, location, industry, and the size of the organization. Here is a general overview of median salaries for Marketing Managers:

  • North America: In North America, particularly the United States and Canada, Marketing Managers typically earn a median annual salary ranging from $70,000 to $120,000. Salaries can vary based on experience, industry, and demand for marketing expertise.
  • Europe: In Europe, salaries for Marketing Managers vary across countries. In Western European countries, median salaries can range from €50,000 to €90,000 or more annually. 
  • Middle East and North Africa: In the MENA region, Legal Assistant roles may have varying salary levels. Median salaries in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia may range from $40,000 to $60,000.
  • Asia-Pacific: Marketing Manager salaries in the Asia-Pacific region can vary widely. In countries like Australia, Singapore, or Japan, median wages range from $60,000 to $100,000 or more.

Additional salary-related considerations

While these figures provide a general indication, consider other factors when assessing Marketing Manager salaries:

  • Industry: Salaries may vary based on the industry. Marketing Managers in industries with higher competition or specialized markets may receive higher compensation.
  • Company size: Salaries may increase with the size and complexity of the organization. Larger companies may offer higher salaries.
  • Performance bonuses: Some organizations offer performance-based bonuses tied to the success of marketing campaigns or achieving specific KPIs.
  • Geographic location: Cost of living in different regions can significantly influence the real value of a salary.

Individuals considering a career as a Marketing Manager should build a strong professional network, stay updated on industry trends, and actively participate in marketing communities to stay informed about best practices and emerging technologies.

How to become a Marketing Manager

Becoming a Marketing Manager typically involves a combination of education, practical experience, and the development of key skills. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all path to becoming a Marketing Manager, several common steps can guide individuals aspiring to this role.

Common pathways to becoming a Marketing Manager


Many Marketing Managers hold a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing or a related discipline. Relevant coursework may include marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and digital marketing.

Professional experience 

Marketing managers often start their careers in entry-level marketing roles, such as marketing coordinators or specialists, to build a foundation of practical skills and industry knowledge.


Building a professional network within the marketing industry can open doors to opportunities and provide valuable insights. Networking with marketing professionals, attending industry conferences, and joining marketing associations contribute to professional growth.

Marketing Manager education


While there isn't a strict requirement for a specific degree to become a marketing manager, a solid educational foundation in marketing, business, or a related field is highly beneficial. Many marketing managers hold a bachelor's or master's degree in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Business administration
  • Communications
  • Advertising

Advanced degrees, such as an MBA focusing on marketing, can provide a more comprehensive understanding of strategic management and further enhance career prospects.

Professional certifications 

Relevant certifications can enhance your credibility and demonstrate your expertise as a marketing manager. Consider certifications from reputable organizations such as the American Marketing Association (AMA) or the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Some certifications to consider include:

  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  • Digital Marketing Professional (DMI)
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Digital marketing training 

Given the increasing importance of digital channels in marketing, acquiring skills in digital marketing is essential. Online courses, workshops, and certifications in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing can be particularly valuable.

Alternative career paths

In some cases, individuals transition into the role of Marketing Manager from different professional backgrounds. Understanding which roles align well with a transition to marketing can help plan a successful career switch.

Sales professionals 

with experience in sales may find their skills transferable to marketing, especially in roles that involve understanding customer needs and creating targeted messaging.

Public relations 

Individuals with a background in public relations may transition into marketing roles, leveraging their skills in communication, media relations, and brand promotion.

Product management

Individuals with a background in product management bring a unique perspective to the role of a Marketing Manager. They may excel in creating marketing campaigns that highlight product features, benefits, and differentiation in the market.

Content creation/writing

Professionals with a content creation or writing background can successfully transition into the role of a Marketing Manager. Their skills in storytelling, content strategy, and creating engaging materials align well with the content-driven aspects of marketing.

What is a marketing manager?

A marketing manager is a crucial professional figure responsible for overseeing and executing marketing strategies to promote products or services. They play a vital role in driving a business's brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

What does a marketing manager do daily?

Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing plans, conducting market research, analyzing consumer trends, and identifying target audiences. They collaborate with creative teams to design and implement advertising campaigns, manage budgets, track campaign performance, and adjust strategies accordingly to achieve optimal results.

How do you write a marketing job description?

Start with a catchy job title and an engaging introduction about the company and its mission. Outline the key responsibilities, such as managing campaigns, conducting market analysis, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Mention required qualifications, including education, relevant experience, and specialized skills. Finally, conclude with details on how to apply and contact information.

What skills are needed to be a marketing manager?

Among the essential skills a good marketing manager must have are strong leadership and communication abilities to effectively manage teams and interact with clients. Analytical skills are crucial for interpreting data and making data-driven decisions. A marketing manager should also be creative and demonstrate strategic thinking to develop innovative campaigns. Proficiency in digital marketing, social media, SEO, and content creation is essential in today's online-focused landscape. Additionally, adaptability and the ability to stay updated with industry trends are crucial to succeeding in this dynamic field.