Forrester Study—Is Global Payroll Truly Global?

Forrester surveyed 300+ payroll professionals from enterprise businesses to better understand the current state of running global payroll. Download the study for free and explore:

  • What are the top challenges for payroll leaders today?
  • What are the hidden costs of running payroll across multiple systems?
  • What are payroll leaders prioritizing in 2024?
Is Global Payroll Truly Global?

Forrester study

Complex payroll damages employee experience

The global hiring rate has increased in recent years, but global payroll solutions have remained fragmented, costly, and unreliable. Most teams use 6 payroll tools on average to manage global payroll, resulting in an overly complex payroll ecosystem with frequent inaccuracies, slower operational agility, and, ultimately, frustrated employees. Learn about the true impact of fragmented payroll systems and how enterprise businesses plan to tackle these issues.

300+ HR payroll professionals weighed in

said that a perceived need to use a network of different payroll vendors for each region and country drives payroll complexity.


anticipated their payroll costs will increase in the next year due to hidden costs.


dealt with delayed payments to employees due to slow payroll vendor support.


said most of their time was spent working to resolve issues.


cited challenges with increased payroll errors and inaccuracies.


desire enhanced accuracy and reliability of payroll as a top improvement.

Unified payroll solution

97% said a single payroll solution would be extremely valuable

For many payroll leaders, investing in an all-in-one global payroll solution addresses top challenges, reduces the complexity of their payroll ecosystem, and enables payroll employees to refocus on more strategic work. Effective payroll can be a growth lever that offers further global reach, easier decision-making, and better hiring and retention of top global talent.


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