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Streamline onboarding with automated workflows

Build automated workflows that turn new hires into high performers. Auto-assign tasks based on department or location and reduce manual workload.


Create a structured, organization-wide onboarding program in a few clicks

Structured onboarding reduces your admin, helps new hires complete onboarding faster, and can even improve employee retention.

Improve employee retention
Ensure completion
Access global, 24/7 support

Auto-assign tasks based on department or location

Establish unique workflows, and let Deel automatically segment, onboard, and assign tasks based on each group.


Onboard new hires in Slack without an external login

Get new hires up to speed and expedite their orientation task completion with friendly reminders sent directly through the platform.


Get a comprehensive overview of your onboarding pipeline

Tap into powerful reporting features for full visibility of your onboarding pipeline—a deep dive into a team member’s progress with a click.


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Add more structure to your weekly check-ins

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Yes, you can use Deel Plugins as an independent human resources management system! It's no longer required to use Deel HR or set up the Slack integration in Deel before installing any of the Deel Plugins plugins.

Deel Plugins cut down on hours of admin hassle for HR managers and anyone else who is spending time on employee management, including tasks like leave requests and performance reviews. Stop spending so much time managing employee records on spreadsheets and get started with user-friendly Deel Plugins today.

Deel Plugins are user friendly for everyone from HR managers to new employees, including every step from onboarding to time off and performance reviews.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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