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Keep a pulse on employee engagement

Ensure teams feel heard, seen, and empowered in driving change with pulse surveys, our built-in engagement tool.


Double your response rates for more meaningful insights

Our pulse surveys for Slack have more than a 90% response rate compared to the average 30-40% from traditional engagement surveys. Effectively engaging employees can lead to more growth, and more team satisfaction.

Increase response rates
Impact growth
Gain insights

Curate and schedule seamless surveys in Slack

Schedule surveys when you see fit, like milestones or end-of-year check-ins. Plus, questions can be answered in Slack, keeping your engagement non-disruptive and streamlined.


Select and customize templates

Use our carefully crafted Engagement or Company Confidence template to launch surveys quickly. Plus, automate personalized Slack reminders to ensure timely completion.


Sort insights across
all segments

Filter submissions by department, location, and more to identify problem areas and track improvement with our best-in-class trending tools.


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Streamline onboarding with automated workflows

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Yes, you can use Deel Plugins as an independent human resources management system! It's no longer required to use Deel HR or set up the Slack integration in Deel before installing any of the Deel Plugins.

Deel Plugins cut down on hours of admin hassle for HR managers and anyone else who is spending time on employee management, including tasks like leave requests and performance reviews. Stop spending so much time managing employee records on spreadsheets and get started with user-friendly Deel Plugins today.

Deel Plugins are user friendly for everyone from HR managers to new employees, including every step from onboarding to time off and performance reviews.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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