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Hire faster with a rewarding employee referral program in Slack

Lower recruitment costs and fill roles with quality candidates, with a streamlined process embedded right in Slack.


Create a rewarding, high-impact referral program in a few clicks

Our referral program makes it easy for your employees to send qualified candidates that are more likely to fit your company culture.

Lower recruitment costs
Reduce time to hire
Build community

Keep referrals
front and center

Create automated announcements for hard-to-fill positions and highlight them by department, number of applicants, or post date.


Submit referrals
in a few steps

Employees can quickly find open jobs, submit referrals, and transfer any needed information to your company Applicant Tracking System with a couple of clicks.


Gamify your
referral program

Create fun challenges to build team camaraderie while increasing the pool of qualified candidates to fit your business needs.


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Streamline onboarding with automated workflows

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Yes, you can use Deel Plugins as an independent human resources management system! It's no longer required to use Deel HR or set up the Slack integration in Deel before installing any of the Deel Plugins plugins.

Deel Plugins cut down on hours of admin hassle for HR managers and anyone else who is spending time on employee management, including tasks like leave requests and performance reviews. Stop spending so much time managing employee records on spreadsheets and get started with user-friendly Deel Plugins today.

Deel Plugins are user friendly for everyone from HR managers to new employees, including every step from onboarding to time off and performance reviews.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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