The State of Digital Fatigue

With remote work, virtual meetings have taken up a lot of space in employees’ weeks. Download this report to take a deep look at how remote employees are feeling nearly two years since the pandemic’s beginning and how companies can help moving forward.

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How has remote work impacted employees?

Remote work has proven beneficial for employees with the end of commutes and more flexible hours. However, productivity, internal communications and company culture have been impacted:

  • 31% of respondents have a hard time focusing on virtual meetings
  • 34.5% spend more time communicating with teammates than getting work done
  • 36% of survey takers have seen an increase in micro-manager behavior across their team

49% of remote workers suffer from digital fatigue!

With 22% of respondents spending over 10 hours a week in virtual meetings, it comes to no surprise that employees are suffering from digital fatigue. Download this report to find out:

  • The main sources of digital fatigue
  • What industries and roles are the most affected
  • How companies can solve for this moving forward