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Fend off misclassification risks with Deel Shield

Get 100% protection against employee and contractor misclassification, no matter where you source talent. As your agent of record, we take on liability while you focus on growing your global workforce.

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We take on the liability, while you focus on growth

Worker classification
Improved legal protection
Localized contracts
In-house local experts

Vastly improved contractor experience with added protection

Manage everything—from localized contracts and global payroll to equipment and PTO requests—all in one place. Unlike other agents of record, Deel allows you to onboard international hires in days while reducing HR admin. And get access to automated invoices, one-click payments, and HRIS integrations.

  • Better protection with the same flexibility
  • Quick to implement and easy to use


Start growing your global workforce with Deel Shield

We assess the correct classification of your workforce and advise you on whether the workers in question should be contractors or employees.

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Unsure if your team member is a contractor or an employee?

Misclassifying employees is the (often illegal) practice of categorizing workers as independent contractors despite meeting the criteria to be considered full-time employees. The general consequences of misclassification are tax and federal law violation fines, and a harmed reputation.



An agent of record (AOR) is a third party that helps organizations compliantly classify, onboard, and pay contractors worldwide.

Each Deel Shield contract requires a deposit of one month of a contractor’s payment. Since we have hired the contractor, we are legally obligated to pay them even if a client does not pay us. Because Deel takes on all the liability and the indemnification for a contractor, we ask for one month’s security of the contractor wages and a Deel fee to hold in case of emergency.

There are plenty of AORs that provide contract hiring services. However, most are traditional staffing agencies, leading to longer setup times, higher fees, and time-intensive management, which often includes manual approvals and inconsistent reporting. Deel Shield takes traditional contractor hiring to a new level, allowing clients to hire and manage contractors globally using Deel entities at record speed (up to 7 days) with zero employee misclassification risks.

Get in touch, and we’ll work to better understand your hiring goals and needs to determine your Deel Shield eligibility. If Deel Shield is a fit for your team:

  1. We’ll create a Master Services Agreement between your business and Deel and a Scope of Work. Once our teams review and sign the contract, you can make as many Shield agreements as you need.
  2. Next, we sign a Deel standard agreement with the contractor you’re onboarding with Deel Shield. Once both parties (Deel and contractor) sign the contract, the contractor will get an invitation to join the platform.
  3. After that, we handle the rest. Payroll, invoices, termination, and more are all taken care of by us so you can dive into the international talent pool.

Setup time varies depending on the time required for your business to review and sign a Master Service Agreement. Once complete, it usually takes up to 5 days to set up and onboard a contractor to the platform.

Our experts will review the contractor’s location, job description, and work setup to determine Deel Shield eligibility. If the business relationship between your company and the contractor is not eligible for Deel Shield, we will suggest our available EOR solutions.

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