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your workflow, our powerful API

Whether you’re a partner platform looking to offer customers international hiring solutions, or Deel customer looking to optimize and automate your HRIS system—our API can help make your ideas a reality.


For Deel Customers

Optimize your enterprise workflows with Deel

Integrate Deel’s powerful API into your enterprise ecosystem, and you’ll unlock advanced automation for global hiring and payroll management, all designed to fit seamlessly within your existing workflows.

Seamless system integration

Deel’s API connects with your HRIS, finance, and ERP systems, ensuring a workflow that scales with your business.

Automation at scale

From contract creation to payroll processing, our tools are built to handle the demands of large-scale operations.

Dedicated support

Our enterprise clients receive prioritized support for a smooth integration process.

How Magic saves almost 50 hours a month on admin using Deel API


hours saved per week on admin


HR workload reduction
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It’s been a very collaborative relationship. The experience was really fast, and the team has always been very responsive.
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Mars Escobin,

Product Manager at Magic

For industry partners

Accelerate growth as 
a Deel product partner

Don’t build your global hiring solutions from scratch—join our partnership ecosystem and take your platform to the next level. Collaborate with us to embed Deel’s robust capabilities into your product to expand your offering and extend your global reach.

Integration power

Offer Deel's market-leading global hiring and payment features within your platform. Our comprehensive API makes integration smooth, providing you with a competitive edge.

Lead generation

Tap into Deel Marketplace to gain exposure to a vast network of businesses and freelancers looking for a product and platform just like yours.

Customer retention

Deliver a cohesive user experience that keeps customers engaged, and integrated solutions that meet all their global employment needs.

White-label solutions

Customizable global hiring that lets your brand shine

Provide your clients with a robust, feature-rich global hiring solution that’s completely branded as your own. With Deel’s comprehensive API, you can create a seamless white-label experience directly in your platform.

Brand consistency

Elevate your brand identity while leveraging our powerful global hiring infrastructure.

Custom integration

Ensure a cohesive user experience by tailoring our API to fit naturally your platform.

Full control

You manage the customer relationship and user experience, while Deel operations in the background.

api endpoints

Everything you need 
to start building


Automate global employment compliance and payroll with our EOR API, ensuring legal adherence across borders.


Streamline employee onboarding and contractor management worldwide with simple, seamless contract generation and payment distribution.

Global Payroll

Facilitate easy, compliant, on-time payroll operations in 200+ currencies and across 120+ countries.


Effortlessly sync financial data, manage invoices, and reconcile payments with precision across your accounting systems.


Level-up your HR operations with PEO services—covering employee benefits, payroll, and all your HR needs with reduced admin.

Deel HR

Integrate comprehensive HR tools to manage the entire employee lifecycle—from recruitment to offboarding.


Go to to explore Deel’s API documentation, guides, and live playground. Then, create a sandbox within the Deel platform to start building integrations with sample data. Finally, generate live API tokens in Developer Center when ready to deploy your integration to production.

This varies depending on the system you are looking to sync to the Deel platform, what resources you have available, and the range of functionalities you want to set up within the API. Setting up a basic Proof Of Concept can take as little as a day or up to a few weeks based on internal prioritization of the implementation.

Absolutely. Deel API is designed to play nice with the software you’re already using. Whether you have an in-house system or rely on third-party applications for HR, finance, or operations, our API can slot in to help streamline your processes. We’ve worked hard to ensure it’s compatible with a wide range of platforms, and our technical support team is on standby to help you integrate it as smoothly as possible.

We know that getting started with a new API can come with its own set of challenges, which is why we offer dedicated support throughout the implementation process. We provide detailed documentation and we also have a community of developers where you can exchange ideas and solutions. Our goal is to make sure you have all the assistance you need to make the most out of Deel API.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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