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Unlock Continuous Compliance with Deel’s Compliance Hub

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December 04, 2023

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July 03, 2024

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Stay in the loop with our Monthly Workforce Insights

Keep up with regulatory changes automatically with Compliance Monitor

Minimize misclassification risk with our AI-based Worker Classifier

Compliance isn’t a one-time effort, but an ongoing process. The dynamic nature of employment laws and regulations requires regular vigilance, regardless of hiring location. This regulatory environment demands a new level of compliance supervision, which we’re calling continuous compliance.

Today, we’re launching our Compliance Hub with three powerful features to help ensure continuous compliance, mitigating more risk than any other provider.

The Compliance Hub achieves this new level of compliance by actively monitoring, flagging, and providing regulatory updates and workforce insights for our clients, helping them proactively navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Deel is the only platform on the market that monitors and provides up-to-date compliance alerts for 150 countries, enabling you to confidently hire and manage workers across the globe.

Stay in the loop with our Monthly Workforce Insights

Our Workforce Insights was built to help mitigate your compliance risk across the board—whether you’re managing international employees, running local payroll, or onboarding contractors abroad. Through the analysis of your worker data and the latest compliance developments, we proactively send you insights about your workforce, and alert you to expiring visas, misclassification risks, and other non-compliance with elements such as minimum wage, benefits, and more—all tailored to the unique concerns of your business. The Workforce Insights report will be accessible on the platform and delivered to your email monthly.

Keep up with regulatory changes automatically with Compliance Monitor

The consequences of non-compliance with local laws can be massive. In Canada, for example, there was recently a $153 million settlement due to overtime failures. Between July and September in 2023 alone, there were changes in tax exemption for employees in Thailand, a minimum wage increase in Luxembourg, a new mandatory allowance in Peru, and a pension contribution increase in Australia.

Our Compliance Monitor is designed to help you navigate this ever-changing compliance landscape. It automatically scans, collects, and explains the latest relevant regulatory changes globally, covering areas such as wages, pensions, private insurance, leave changes, tax obligations, and more across 150 countries. We simplify the legal language to provide concise summaries of the impact on your business in just a few sentences.

Minimize misclassification risk with our AI-based Worker Classifier

In partnership with Queen's University for Deel Lab, we’ve launched an AI-powered misclassification assessment localized in 15 countries, so you can assess the classification of your workers across the world.

Unlike other more basic tools, our worker classifier uses award-winning research into localized employment court cases and classification tests to classify your workers with over 90% accuracy, mitigating your compliance risk. Navigating the onboarding process for new hires has never been more straightforward and compliant. Just answer a few questions, you will receive an indication of their classification, using relevant local laws and precedent legal cases. You can use this classifier to assess (and re-assess) worker classification at any time—at onboarding and through contract duration.

Interested in achieving continuous global compliance?

Book a call with our compliance expert to see how Deel can take more risk off your plate than any other provider.

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