How Deel EOR became the ideal partner for BBMSL's global expansion

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BBMSL is a payment service provider and acquirer. It’s fully compliant with the highest level of security in the industry—PCI DSS—ensuring the protection of both merchants' and customers' private information. BBMSL delivers payment solutions to diverse industries, like retail, food and beverage, transportation, and more.

The Problem

The need to clear administrative hurdles during rapid expansion

BBMSL is undergoing rapid expansion, especially in Southeast Asia. To keep up with this growth, it needed a solution to quickly scale and capture business opportunities without spending significant time setting up local entities. It also needed to prioritize onboarding local general managers and senior staff members to set up local teams and conduct business. However, it is time consuming for the HR team to keep up with the diverse local law and regulations while managing several office expansions in different countries.

The Solution

Onboarding staff with just a few clicks

BBMSL operates in a competitive field where time is the most precious resource. And, in today’s talent landscape, it was also important for BBMSL to quickly secure great talent as it expanded its market.

The decision for BBMSL to use Deel EOR came down to its ability to onboard staff in just one day, regardless of their location. Joey Leung, Director of Strategic Alliances at BBMSL, said, “Once we identify the candidate, we want to advance them to the offer stage quickly, and using Deel means that we don’t have to wait around for localising contracts with the local laws and regulations. We are able to quickly secure our talent, get their contracts ready for processing, and have them onboarded immediately.

In just a short amount of time, BBMSL hired over 15 staff members across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. With just a few clicks, Deel EOR creates compliant contracts and payroll, saving BBMSL time and money researching or engaging other third-party organizations to help hire locally. Payroll can also start immediately, so new hires can hit the ground running.

The Results

A great option for startups to scale quickly

The team at BBMSL also found Deel’s speed helpful with candidate interest. “Deel also gives staff a sense of security with a contract that comes through quickly, showcasing our sincerity in having them come on board, and also peace of mind that they can start work and get paid on time,” said Leung. “We can also take care of insurance through Deel, which is an added bonus.”

For BBMSL, Deel EOR is essential for its expansion strategy to quickly scale with flexible tools that fit easily into new expansion markets. Leung plans to advance BBMSL’s digitalization efforts. Utilizing digital tools like Deel not only enhances business operations with transparency for candidates and employees but also keeps HR teams happy.

The HR team at BBMSL feels Deel EOR complements their knowledge and skillset. So, by offloading the admin-heavy work to Deel, the team can save time and focus on locating talents.

The global expansion plan for BBMSL shows no sign of stopping, as it’s looking to expand further to Vietnam, Japan, and Macau. “Deel will continue to be part of our plan to scale quickly, and we look forward to bringing on more team members through their platform,” said Leung.

“Deel is a great transitional tool to build a team that can get up and running fast to capture business opportunities,”

Joey Leung,

Director of Strategic Alliances at BBMSL

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