How a 36-year-old property group streamlined its system with Deel Global Payroll

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Meet Beaumont Property Group

Beaumont Property Group is made up of seven businesses that sell, lease, and manage commercial properties in Sydney’s northwest region. Founded in 1987, it’s a family organization, and the largest and longest-running of its kind in the area.

The Problem

Maintaining an accurate payroll for an expanding business without dedicated staff

When Beaumont Property Group was founded in 1987, it comprised two businesses: a real estate agency and a strata management company. By March 2023, the Group had brought another five businesses under its umbrella, bringing the total to seven.

For the company’s accountants, who had taken care of the payroll for 36 years, this presented two challenges. First, it was time-consuming. “The accountants’ job wasn’t specifically payroll, so they were trying to set aside time here and there to do it,” says Robert Odenthal, Group Financial Controller.

Second, errors started appearing. “Little things were being missed regularly. It was nothing terrible and didn’t stop our businesses from running, but to the employee who sees a mistake or doesn’t receive their payslip, it’s important. Our reputation with our staff was affected. When little things are missed, people start to wonder what else is being missed.”

The Solution

Outsourcing payroll via a clear, confident and procedural process – with extensive support

Rather than risk its reputation with its employees, Beaumont Group decided it was time to make a move. Given that its accountants lacked the specialist skills required to handle such a large payroll, the company decided to outsource. “Initially, because we’re a family business, we were looking to work with a small, local business,” says Robert, “But the ones we spoke to were anxious about the challenges they’d face in moving our old system to a new one.”

However, when Robert spoke to PayGroup by Deel, it was an entirely different story. “It was like, ‘We’ve done this before, we’ll do it again,'” he says. “A great level of confidence was communicated.”

This confidence arises from PayGroup by Deel’s organized, systematic approach, as well as the expertise and experience of its people.“ Their approach to transitioning our system to a new one seemed very procedural,” says Robert. “They gave us a series of questions, very specific time frames and a plan for how it would flow.” By July 1st – within three months – PayGroup had, as promised, transferred all relevant information to a new database. By July 14th, the system was up and running.

“Everything they said would happen did happen,” says Robert. On top of being incredibly efficient, PayGroup by Deel communicated clearly and regularly, and provided extensive support throughout the process. This meant Robert and his team were never in doubt.

“For the first three payrolls, the implementation team held our hand, and were very responsive,” he says. “Any time we had questions or difficulties, I knew I could send an email and very promptly get a response, or get on the phone and talk through whatever issues we had.”

“Having the confidence that we would be able to do our payroll without any hesitation or anxiety was very rewarding.”

Robert Odenthal,

Group Financial Controller

The Results

Saving precious time and regaining trust with payroll that staff love

Beaumont’s move to PayGroup by Deel has helped it to provide accurate and compliant payments, data and reporting across a complex variety of working arrangements – from casual to award-based roles. The system automatically interprets awards, removing the possibility of human error.

Employees have also regained trust in the system (and their employer). In fact, they enjoy using it, particularly the PayGroup by Deel mobile app. “The feedback from the staff is that it’s so easy to use and gives them all the right payroll information,” says Robert.

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