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Meet Cloud9

Founded in 2013, Cloud9 is a dominant player and one of the most recognizable organizations in the esports world. They have professional teams spanning a wide variety of gaming genres and are known to top leaderboards in championships across the globe. They're home to some of the most famous gamers in the industry. Cloud9 proudly supports players and staff with the most extensive benefits packages and quality remote working experiences.

The Problem

Keeping up with a global presence

Scaling Globally

Cloud9 is undoubtedly one of the leading esports companies globally, but supporting global competitions requires international team members. They need marketing and content teams on the ground wherever their teams play, but the long and arduous hiring process makes that problematic. With so many different countries and currencies, they were spending time trying to manually keep up with documentation, admin, payroll, and compliance, which severely limited how much they could scale their global presence. Staying on top of everything from a legal and HR perspective was a colossal blocker in their growth plans.

Poor Payroll Experience

Keeping up with manual global payroll posed issues and risks for team members. Not having a centralized platform meant tax forms, documentation, and other information would go missing, which led to employees facing the tax consequences. Not to mention having to navigate payroll for a wide variety of different currencies. With the sheer volume of content creators, they work with regularly, doing everything themselves took up more time and resources than they could afford.

The Solution

How Deel deals with it

The simplicity, ease of use, and efficiency of Deel have helped Cloud9 onboard 223 contractors across 21 different countries. From content creators to local employees to support international leagues or competitions, they can use Deel to onboard whoever they need quickly. Payroll, HR, legal, and more, Cloud9 has centralized their entire onboarding process, which has made letting the world know just how much they can dominate the game that much easier.

The Results

Cloud9’s not in Kansas anymore

With the team at Cloud9 looking to scale even further into 2022, Deel was the perfect platform to help make those goals a reality. Instead of worrying about flying staff members across the world to document a competition, they can set up contracts with local content creators with ease. They can now send teams to any competition around the world and onboard a marketing team quickly. It's helped them hire faster, wherever they need, so they can focus on strategies to push their organization even further. The global flexibility has allowed them to cater to their audiences and keep up with content demands no matter where their teams compete.

With a young and eager team, Deel has also helped make the traditional HR, hiring, and payroll experience accessible for all. Instead of investing time and money into dedicated HR teams, they can rely on Deel to provide a seamless onboarding experience, so their team members can start on a high note.

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