How Kyoto Fusioneering Accelerated Market Entry with Deel EOR

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The Problem

Stunted global expansion due to complex entity setup

Established by Kyoto University, Kyoto Fusioneering is a startup company focused on commercializing fusion energy.

With offices in the US, UK, and Japan, Kyoto Fusioneering was planning on setting up an entity in Germany. But when they realized how expensive, time-consuming, and involved the process was, they began looking for another way to enter the market.

“If we tried setting up a local entity in Germany ourselves, we never would have hit our expansion goals in time,” said Junya Hiroshima, HR Manager at Kyoto Fusioneering. “We needed a fast and compliant solution like Deel EOR.”

The Solution

Smooth international expansion with Deel EOR

Kyoto Fusioneering chose Deel EOR because of its established presence in Germany, easy-to-use platform, and high-quality support.

With Deel EOR, the team didn’t have to worry about the complex legal and employment systems in Germany. Instead, they were able to focus on finding the right talent and growing their business.

In just one month, Kyoto Fusioneering hired its first two local employees.

“Using Deel EOR instead of opening an entity accelerated our market expansion by at least six months.” — Junya Hiroshima, HR Manager, Kyoto Fusioneering

The company has since grown in size and plans to eventually set up an entity in the country, leveraging its new workforce—and Deel—to further cement its local presence.

“Deel EOR is the easiest and most cost-effective way to enter a new market. It accelerated our speed-to-hire and helped us save thousands of dollars.”

Junya Hiroshima,

HR Manager, Kyoto Fusioneering

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