How Deel helped Mixtiles stay compliant globally and get a clear view of all things payroll

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Meet Mixtiles 👋

Mixtiles is a startup that's based in Tel Aviv. We make affordable wall art to help people make their homes more beautiful. It's super easy to just take a picture with your phone, put it in the app and then choose your options. And then, you order it and it gets delivered to your home. We also have a web app that allows you to take pictures that you've taken through any source and put them on a Mixtile and hang them on your wall.

Keeping up with compliance

Prior to using Deel, we were using a number of different, relatively inefficient tools. A lot of spreadsheets, we were using document signing software to sign our contracts and that sort of thing. We were doing a lot of things by email "Hey, can you sign this contract?" An email falls through the cracks. They don't get it, or isn't sent back to us properly. One of the great things about Deel is that it brings everything onto one platform, especially for dealing with larger teams, that's really helpful.

Some of the challenges that we have faced dealing with bringing on people from around the world is related to just making sure that we're compliant when it comes to the contracts that we use and paying people in the currencies that they want to be paid in, those sorts of things.

How we Deel with it

With Deel to date, we have hired over 125 team members across 11 different countries including The United States, Australia, Canada, The UK and more. When we first saw all of the information that we used to have in other formats, all in the Deel platform, all clean and in one place, it really was pretty, pretty powerful.

A snapshot of everything relating to payroll in one place

Working with Deel has definitely been a game-changer, for us specifically in the People Ops department at Mixtiles. It's made our lives a whole lot easier through being able to manage everything all in one place and always knowing where our payments are at and where contracts live and being able to make any necessary changes. It's really nice that we have a go-to central hub as opposed to things that were scattered all over the place in spreadsheets and different processes.

The biggest benefit of working with Deel is the simplicity of the way that they take a relatively complex process and make it really easy. So, to really get a snapshot of everything related to payroll in one place.

I would definitely recommend Deel to anybody who is managing teams of contractors in multiple countries, all around the world, that need a platform to be able to make payroll and contracts a lot easier.

Deel features they Love

contractor payments

Contractor payment options

Now our team can just withdraw their money in whatever currency they want and that's really helpful for a lot of our team and I know that they appreciate that.

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Quick, easy, amendable compliant agreements

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