How Deel rapidly expanded Oursky’s markets and cut admin time by 80%

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The Company

Software product studio facilitating companies’ digital transformation

Oursky is a software product studio based in Hong Kong. They aim to create open-source solutions to help enterprises in their digital transformation journey and help developers build secure and privacy-aware software.

The Problem

Expanding globally at its own pace and time compliantly

Since 2020, the 70-person Oursky team has been expanding its business internationally, establishing offices in Taiwan, the UK, and Canada. Now they’re striving to broaden their reach into even more markets, and ramp up hiring to diversify their team of experts who collaborate on global projects.

Founder and Project Manager, Ben Cheng wears many different hats at Oursky—from laying out his vision for the company to managing operational and HR matters. But as they expanded, more of his time was consumed by administrative work. They also spent a lot on hiring local lawyers, accountants, and consultants in each market to maintain compliant hiring. Soon, Cheng realized this approach was unsustainable.

The Solution

Saving 80% of time on administrative work

With Oursky running a global operation, Deel’s streamlined and automated platform allowed them to easily navigate an increasingly competitive environment. Without any wait time or back-and-forth contact, Oursky generates contracts with a few clicks, hires quickly, and gets new team members on board. Cheng also appreciates how Deel ensures employees in all offices get paid on time, no matter the time zone or currency.

Cheng is planning on using Deel to expand Oursky’s global offices and relocate employees around the world as they identify new business opportunities.

“Deel saves me up to 80% of time doing admin work,” says Cheng. Now he can focus more on integrating new team members into the office and their team culture.

“When I hire overseas, I find that people know and trust Deel. They feel reassured because they trust the platform and it gives them peace of mind too,”

Ben Cheng,

Founder and Project Manager at Oursky

The Results

Expanding the team and retaining talent with Deel

In addition to growing their team globally, retaining talent is a top priority for Oursky. With the office set up for hybrid working and global collaboration, Oursky offers remote working opportunities to its employees. Deel can ensure each contract signed by a full-time employee or contractor is entirely compliant with local regulations in over 150 countries, so Oursky can retain talent wherever they decide to move.

“As we continue our overseas expansion efforts across the globe, I will definitely turn to Deel,” says Cheng.

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