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The Problem

How previous EOR providers adversely impacted Outfittery’s bottom line

Outfittery, a leading online personal shopping service based in Germany, faced budget challenges when hiring tech talent domestically. To access a broader pool of international candidates, they turned to an EOR solution. However, Work Motion and Oyster failed to meet their needs due to poor service quality, slow response times, and a lack of local entities.

“Finding affordable tech talent in Germany was tough, and Work Motion and Oyster didn't meet our needs. Deel allowed us to hire globally, slashing our costs by 50%." said Pascal Erlach, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Outfittery

The Solution

Expansion into new markets with Deel EOR

Outfittery transitioned to Deel EOR to streamline its global hiring process, reducing costs by 50% and onboarding times by 80%. Deel's innovative and user-friendly platform allowed Outfittery to hire talent from countries like Kosovo, Bulgaria, and South Africa, without the logistical headaches previously experienced.

And by providing tailored recommendations based on budget, salary expectations, and vacation policies, Deel’s customer success managers enabled Outfittery to strategically target countries for hiring new talent.

"Deel's platform is very innovative and easy to use. It simplified our hiring process and reduced the onboarding time from a week to just one day." – Pascal Erlach, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Outfittery

The Results

Improved employee trust with Deel expertise

Deel's legal and compliance expertise helped to strengthen the relationship between Outfittery and its employees. With Deel AI, embedded in the Deel platform, employees have instant answers to common questions, reducing the dependency on customer support and speeding up the resolution of queries. Employees have more trust that they’ll get accurate and reliable information regarding important issues such as salaries and bank holidays, improving overall trust.

In addition, the quality of Deel's customer service and quick response times have never faltered, even after the initial onboarding phase.

"We feel like Deel’s only customer."

Pascal Erlach,

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Outfittery

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