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The Company

Humanizing communication for remote teams

oVice was created by Sae Hyung Jung to reconnect his divided team through the global COVID-19 pandemic. He realized that online communication platforms didn't offer tools for casual communication and seamless management. oVice reconceptualizes what a virtual office can be, using a metaverse structure where employees are represented by avatars that move around a virtual space. People can start 1:1 chats across their desks, move into a meeting room for brainstorming, or even hang out in a park for a casual conversation.

The Problem

Contending with industry giants

Today, oVice is used by about 4,000 businesses worldwide, including Sony, WeWork and Toyota, boasting 180,000 registered paying users. As a company that connects remote teams worldwide, a 100% remote workplace for oVice’s employees is a logical fit.

However, as they grew, the oVice team knew that to land amazing talent while competing with enormous enterprises (with much deeper pockets) they would need an ace up their sleeve to compete.

oVice needed a cost-efficient solution to access a talent pool of people with robust tech skills, a desire to work remotely/flexibility and who enjoyed the cultural aspects of working for a fast-growing company. The company had used an employee of record (EOR) to hire abroad, but the process was time consuming, and paperwork intensive, with minimal support. They needed to find another solution, and fast.

The Solution

One platform for a world of HR solutions

oVice selected Deel because it’s a one-stop shop for compliance, payroll, onboarding, employer of record services, and legal issues. Better still, the team found the interface streamlined and simple to use from day one, with zero training. "If we didn't use Deel, we would not even consider offering employment in other countries, especially given our past experiences,” said Megan Reed, Chief Human Resources Officer at oVice “Now, if we find someone great in Australia for example, we can hire them immediately without any concern of how we will manage compliance, payments, and more."

The Results

Global hiring made easy

The oVice team valued Deel's commitment to stellar service after being burned by other platforms. With the help of Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management, oVice has hired key talent in over 10 countries and reduced their compliance workload by half. With a single dashboard, Reed can see all employees at a glance, and filter by location, status, payment details and items to action.

oVice has just completed Series B funding and now has the tools to scale strategically, thanks to Deel.

"You really get the feeling that our account manager cares personally about our success. All of our queries have been handled same-day and we were put in touch with compliance experts in places like Nigeria and Germany where we didn’t have the expertise in local labor laws,"

Megan Reed,

Chief Human Resources Officer at oVice

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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