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A Leader in Cross-Border Payments

Paysend, a pioneering company in cross-border payments, has seen rapid growth since its inception. Founded to provide simple, secure money transfers, Paysend now serves both consumer and enterprise clients.

Deel was Paysend’s first flagship enterprise client. Through their partnership, Deel enables employees to receive their paychecks and transfer them directly into payments using Paysend’s services – allowing employees to access their funds and make payments more quickly.

The Solution

Rapid Growth and Global Expansion

Since joining Paysend four years ago, Alex Nicolaus, Chief People Officer at Paysend, has overseen the expansion of the workforce from 100 to 500 employees spread across its four main hubs: Dublin, London, Serbia and Miami.

In August 2022, Paysend made a pivotal decision to switch from another payroll provider to Deel for its global hiring needs. Deel offered a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution. Nicolaus praised Deel's onboarding and user experience.

"The onboarding and user experience of Deel is superb. Deel turned a process that normally has a lot of friction into a process that is very, very easy," noted Nicolaus. "The account management and support are wonderful too."

Future-Proofing with Deel

As Paysend continues to expand into new markets, Nicolaus has confidence in Deel's ability to support this growth. No matter where they hire, Deel provides the flexibility and reliability needed for Paysend's strategic initiatives.

"We are future-proofing our growth with Deel,"

Alex Nicolaus,

Chief People Officer, Paysend -

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