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The Company

Meet Planhat

Planhat is a Customer platform where organizations can manage client growth for customer success, product-led growth, channel management, and anything else. They help companies grow by automating the admin for customer lifecycles, so customer success managers can focus on strengthening relationships and growing net revenue retention.

The Problem

Finding the perfect growing solution for a remote-first company

Planhat has been remote-first since its inception, with one founder living in the United States and another in Sweden. Both of them realized that business-wise it made sense to hire regardless of location, so they began looking for an efficient hiring solution. They quickly realized it wasn’t feasible to have legal entities in each country that they wanted to hire in, so they started looking for an Employer of Record. This brought them to Deel, the ideal global hiring platform.

The Solution

The future of growth with Deel

Apart from appreciating how straightforward and intuitive Deel is, Planhat was drawn to how the platform was solution-oriented. “We needed a provider who understood our plans. We’ve noticed that other providers were stuck in their structure and in how they did things, so if we needed changes they would take a long time,” explained Sanna Westman, Head of People at Planhat, “With Deel, we can grow and cooperate together, they have the flexibility to support us in whatever we need. It’s become a true partnership with people we enjoy working with.”

Planhat has used Deel Immigration for mobility, helping an employee move from Chile to Australia and another from Sweden to Norway. Thanks to Deel, in spite of not having legal entities in Norway nor in Australia, they were able to assist their employees’ life-changing decisions, easily updating their contracts to different countries in just a couple of weeks.

“Deel gives us access to hiring people in a compliant way, anywhere. Those are people that we wouldn’t have been able to hire without Deel, as we wouldn’t be able to open an entity in every country where we wanted to hire someone. It also enables us to be close to our customers, they are all over the world, so we need to be there too. ”

Sanna Westman,

Head of People at Planhat

The Results

Seamless and compliant international hiring

Planhat employs locally where they have legal entities, and also uses Deel to hire and pay in the countries where they don’t have their own entities. At the beginning of 2022, they started with 10 employees hired through Deel, and now they have grown 5x times—with close to 50 employees in 14+ different countries.

Looking to the future, they are interested in exploring visa support in case they need to relocate someone, as they anticipate that being a challenge to overcome as they continue growing.

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