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How Quantium retained top talent with Deel's global mobility solutions

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Meet Quantium

Quantium is a data science and AI company founded in Australia in 2002. They work with iconic brands in over 20 countries, combining the power of data with the best of human and artificial intelligence to forge a better, more insightful world. 

Enabling and supporting an increasingly global and mobile workforce

Following the pandemic, businesses world-over found that top talent was increasingly looking to become more mobile, wanting to work more regularly and for longer periods (sometimes permanently) in different locations than their home office. However, managing different legal and tax implications made this challenging for businesses, and Quantium’s experience was no different. 

However, Quantium was determined to support their critical talent to stay with the business, and their people were likewise eager to remain part of the company for the work experiences and culture on offer. Taking this into account, Quantium’s People & Culture team began to explore options that would enable them to support employees wanting and needing to live and work overseas.  

In addition to short-term, internal initiatives, Quantium also wanted a solution that supported those team members working overseas for extended periods. This is where Deel stepped up and provided robust support, helping Quantium continue working compliantly worldwide. 

A bright future for Quantium with Deel

Partnering with Deel, Quantium has been able to support and retain employees based in Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands. In addition to enabling compliant hiring abroad, Deel was also able to help retain an employee looking to work from the Netherlands through sponsoring a highly skilled migrant visa, which only took 2-3 weeks (talk about Deel speed)!

Lysette Randall (Executive, HR Performance & Partnering) said, “With Deel, we have an easy remote work solution powered by a user-friendly platform and a seamless process. This has been helpful in ensuring we didn’t lose key staff and the deep corporate knowledge and skills that are hugely beneficial to our business”.

Deel features they Love

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Visas support

Continued immigration and visa support was extremely useful for Quantium to retain employees.

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