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How Responsible Cyber manages its international team with Deel

Cybersecurity and Risk Management
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On Deel since 2022
days saved per new employee in onboarding time and HR inquiry management
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Meet Responsible Cyber

Responsible Cyber is a fast-growing, innovative start-up specializing in cybersecurity and risk management. It helps companies identify, manage, and mitigate technology risks. The Singapore-based company developed two AI enhanced products: IMMUNE X-TPRM and IMMUNE GRC.

Hiring the best people anywhere in the world and solving the tech talent gap

Responsible Cyber needed specialist expertise in software development and AI to continue delivering cutting-edge products and high-value consulting. Despite being headquartered in Singapore—an epicenter for technology in Asia—recruiting top-tier talent presented a challenge, especially for niche roles that Responsible Cyber sought to fill.

This hiring constraint and Singapore's surging demand for specialists in software development, AI, data science, and cybersecurity threatened the company’s growth and customer adoption. It became essential to break geographical barriers and immerse themselves in the global talent ecosystem.

It wasn't just about expanding its reach; it was also about ensuring the journey was smooth, safe, and compliant. Beyond efficiency and scalability to match Responsible Cyber’s growth, it was important that the solution it chose follow the stringent security standards the company upholds, ensuring responsible handling of employee data.

It needed a holistic platform, not just to facilitate global hiring but to manage the intricate requirements of international HR dynamics, benefits, employment, and data privacy regulations. 

For Responsible Cyber, it wasn't merely about scaling; it was about scaling the right way, ensuring every new team member's data was treated with the utmost respect and security, and ensuring the company is legally protected and compliant with local laws and regulations.

Intuitive platform and responsive customer service

Responsible Cyber carefully reviewed +10 platforms in search of a solution that aligned perfectly with its values and requirements. 

Deel was chosen for its high level of international security standards and its customer service. Beyond the platform's robust technical merits, it was Deel's exemplary and personalized account management that further cemented the decision.

With Deel's intuitive platform, Responsible Cyber found that onboarding new hires is safe, fast, and seamless. 

“Deel's streamlined account management and comprehensive features have revolutionized our hiring process, resulting in accelerating our hiring rate, saving substantial time, and significantly boosting our revenue,” said Dr. Magda Chelly, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Responsible Cyber. “Previously, I was faced with frustrating hiring challenges. Thanks to Deel, I now have the freedom to recruit talent from any location imaginable, granting us unparalleled opportunities for growth, which is fabulous”

With Deel, Responsible Cyber now has employees based in France, the UK, Vietnam, and Tunisia. 

“When it comes to dealing with local laws and tax regulations in multiple countries, relying on Deel is a game-changer. It would have been impossible for us to manage these topics in-house, with extremely costly legal services. Now, I can focus on growing our business while Deel takes care of the hiring logistics,” said Chelly.

24/7 support

Previously, Responsible Cyber was quoted $12,000 for a legal council over an HR issue, but with Deel, support is built-in, saving thousands of dollars.

“The legal and HR support in unusual situations has been exceptional, assuring us and our workforce that we have a reliable partner in Deel,” said Chelly. Deel has saved the company a considerable amount of time and money, saving them approximately two days a month solely spent on onboarding new employees. 

“I particularly like that Deel is our HR one-stop shop for direct and EOR employees without differentiation. We also use Deel HR across the business, which means we do not need to use or maintain two different platforms or services while integrating our international employees. Deel HR offers valuable features like vacation and leave submission with a consistent feel and experience for all,” added Chelly. 

Deel quickly became the backbone of Responsible Cyber’s HR processes, and it plans to continue working with Deel into the future. “Seamlessly syncing with our values and goals, it has become an integral part of our business’ operations,” Chelly explained. “It has removed substantial barriers to our growth, and propelled us to a fantastic journey ahead.”

Deel features they Love

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All-in-one user friendly platform

Self-service single dashboard for direct and EOR employees, the intuitive set-up of Deel HR, and personalized and responsive customer service. 

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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