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Revolut enables its customers to spend, save and invest their money, all in one easy to use app. Their mission is to build the world’s first truly global financial services super app that empowers customers, allowing them to get the most from their money, wherever they are in the world, from a single provider.

Entering new markets and expanding globally is critical to their mission and something that sets Revolut apart. In order to maintain their fast pace of growth, they identified Deel as a partner that could help them find the right people - new joiners and relocating employees - for their new markets. They chose Deel because of our global presence, hands-on support, and ability to keep up their speed.

“Thanks to Deel, we get to hire local talent in any country where we want to expand long before we set up the entity there. Effectively, this gives us a head start.” Luka Besling, HR Manager at Revolut.

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