How Deel helps Slite bring on some of the best talent thousands of miles from France

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Meet Slite 👋

Founded in 2017, Slite started as a note-taking app and has matured into what, we feel, is the perfect communication tool for remote teams. It helps bring centralised information across space and time, even start new projects, and in the end it keeps everyone on the same page no matter where their location. Slite is a fully distributed team of 32 that all work remotely from 7 different countries (for now!) in 6 different time zones.

Finding the best talent

Slite has always been remote, but originally in a hybrid model, with a Paris office. When we came back from YCombinator, we started to hire quite a lot and we wanted the absolute best people we could find, so we put no geographical constraints.

For us, it was clear going remote would open doors for the international talent we couldn't access or employ in France. Attempting to bring on that talent without all the hassle didn't seem like an option until Chris, our CEO, brought up Deel. Deel was the answer for hassle-free, compliant remote hiring and seamless contractor onboarding.

Knowing that we could access compliant contracts for different regions, run payroll, and provide easy-to-use payment options, including Crypto, made it a no-brainer for us.

How we Deel with it

When we first onboarded with Deel, we only had one person to bring on, so the process didn't take very long. As far as the experience, it was speedy, easy, and very straightforward. Now, we have onboarded 17 team members with Deel across 12 countries, including a full-time employee. It's helped us bring on some of the best talent thousands of miles from France. Our product and vision continue to get better with our evolving blend of talent and diversity.


Time is money. Slite is saving both.

Depending on the country, running payroll can take several hours and span a few days double-checking and processing everything. With Deel, all it takes is a couple of clicks to run payroll. It's a fraction of the time it'd take us to do it all manually.

As far as legal fees, it's tough to assess the number because we have other legal needs we still have to address. But, for example, if we wanted to cover every base for each contract drafted, with specific compliance aspects for each country, we'd be spending around $500 for each new contractor. And that would exponentially increase if we're talking employees.

People on our team have also achieved a life-long dream of moving to a new country without needing to find a new job (myself included). We can now better serve customers with new hires outside of CET, allowing us to cover more hours and offer more support.

Personally, one of the biggest positives is that it allows us as a company to help local communities. Before, you had to move to a big city or even a new country to work in tech. Now you can stay where you want and get paid fairly. In turn, that money goes back to the community.

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