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The Company

SOCi helps companies manage digital channels and content on one platform

SOCi empowers multi-location enterprises to automate and scale marketing efforts across all digital channels in a way that’s brand-directed, locally perfected, and data connected. As one central place to scale marketing, SOCi is a platform built for both enterprise and local teams.

The Problem

Meeting rapid growth goals in a compliant way to keep scaling

Originally, SOCi’s talent acquisition, hiring, and payroll processes were manual and lacked a source of truth. It used different platforms for the interviewing and candidate processes, requiring their team to export data to their internal files, leading to repetitive manual entry that was error prone.

Whenever someone was hired, the entire payroll operations were handled on paper through SOCi’s accounts payable team, causing mistakes and delays. “We were just doing manual processes using our own paper invoices that weren’t flowing in consistently,” explained Craig Single, VP of Talent Acquisition & People Analytics.

Plus, SOCi only had entities in a few countries. Its team was limited to hiring in those locations, which kept them from accessing the global pool of talent.

At the beginning of 2022, SOCi faced a rapid growth phase and needed to hire the best talent possible as fast as it could. Handling this demand through its internal process would’ve cost SOCi too much time, effort, and money.

That’s when they heard about Deel. SOCi was interested in how Deel’s platform and integration with Greenhouse would enable it to make the hiring, onboarding, and payroll processes go from hours to just a few clicks while staying compliant

The Solution

Optimizing HR processes

Going from managing multiple unconnected platforms to getting all the data from different processes in just one place changed the game for SOCi. It now has insightful reports that provide its People team with more clarity, enabling better decision-making. “Prior to turning on the integration with Greenhouse, our processes were very manual, and now they’ve gone to a few minutes and clicks, eliminating data errors and knowing it’s secure,” Singles said.

These results are due to an incredibly successful collaboration between SOCi’s team and their Customer Success Manager at Deel, who provided ongoing support throughout the entire process. Singles said, “We established a great relationship with our account management team [at Deel]... they've helped us make sure we’re using Deel in the most efficient way and how they’re constantly coming up with new solutions to solve the problems we have.”

The Results

Streamline the hiring, onboarding, and people data processes all on one platform to keep growing

Through Deel, SOCi was able to scale its team and enter the global talent market at the speed it needed to meet the company’s goals. It went to hiring in +20 locations. Single explained, “We now have team members in 25 countries as a result of Deel being able to fast track the process of bringing on the talent we needed globally”.

Not only was SOCi able to grow its team as needed, but, it also accelerated the hiring process and got data faster and error-free from one platform to another in seconds through Deel Connect's streamlined integration with Greenhouse. “We now have a unified source of truth where we manage everything with one integrated invoice, connecting our NetSuite and our ATS, which is Greenhouse,” mentioned Single.

SOCi is looking forward to exploring new Deel features, especially data and reporting tools. They’re considering using Deel HR to see how their global data can be easily obtained, interpreted, and optimized.

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