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The Company

Redefining the process of buying companies

Tiny Studio was founded to redefine acquisitions by offering fair, swift, and founder-friendly deals. With over a decade in the industry, it has become a trusted partner for founders seeking efficient exits who prioritize their teams and maintain company culture.

The Problem

Opening up to a global talent pool while staying compliant

In its early stages, the co-founders of Tiny Studio envisioned it as a remote company, believing that a global workforce offered distinct advantages over a location-bound setup. The primary motivation was the opportunity to tap into the international talent pool and find top-notch candidates who were not only skilled for the job but also aligned with the company culture.

Recognizing the complexity of managing a dispersed team, it sought a partner capable of navigating the complexities of global hiring. The Tiny Studio team knew they needed to ensure contractual compliance across different countries while maintaining operational simplicity through one platform where they could easily handle and manage their workforce. Deel emerged as the clear solution, allowing the team to realize their vision for a remote company through streamlined global HR.

The Solution

An all-in-one platform for all things international HR

Deel provided the specific services Tiny Studio needed to hire international talent hassle-free, while also managing various HR processes on one platform.

As Tiny Studio expanded its team to include over twenty collaborators from more than five countries, Deel played a pivotal role in streamlining operations, saving both time and money. Oliver Low, CEO of Tiny Studio, highlighted the platform's impact, stating, "Deel has enabled us to hire and manage an amazing number of people in a short time while also saving money. We would've likely needed to hire more people to assist with these processes.”

Tiny Studio's team needed a tool to centralize all employee information efficiently to keep up with this growth. Deel HR proved indispensable, allowing quick access to contracts, locations, tenure, salaries, and bonuses.

It is a relief to have Deel HR because I can get comprehensive dashboards easily and access the data I need from any aspect of my team.

Oliver Low,

CEO at Tiny

The Results

One powerful platform, plenty of savings

Tiny Studio has had significant time and cost savings through Deel. According to Low, "From my experience in this and other startups, it would take me more than one day a month to handle HR-related tasks and work, while now I can accomplish all of these in no more than thirty minutes." Additionally, the company has successfully expanded its team while saving over $500k annually in salaries due to its diverse hiring across countries with varying salary ranges.

This strategic approach has not only facilitated team growth but also optimized operational efficiency. By leveraging Deel's platform and support, Tiny Studio has avoided the need to hire additional personnel to manage HR processes, resulting in a yearly cost savings of at least $40k+. Deel shows its commitment to its clients through its exceptional customer support. Low attested, "In terms of customer support, Deel has been amazing. There’s always someone reaching out to us, making suggestions, and helping out when needed."

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