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How Esports Entertainment Group managed their acquisition and absorbed over 30 contractors

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Meet Esports Entertainment Group 👋

A full-stack esports and online gambling company, Esports Entertainment Group, is fueled by rapidly growing gaming and esports. They’re on a mission to connect the world with the future of sports entertainment to bring fans and gamers together. Not only limited to just video games, EEG partners with professional NFL, NHL, NBA, and FIFA teams and is influential across the spectrum of all levels of esports and gaming.

An acquisition nightmare

Time-consuming payroll

As a global company, Esports Entertainment Group ran a team of remote employees across marketing, business development, and product. Before Deel, they spent days manually working through excel spreadsheets to pay their team. The process was already unmanageable internally, but managing acquisitions added even more obstacles to the equation.

Using DocuSign, an agency, and email, EEG found it hard to have complete transparency over new contracts and company additions. Copies of signed documents had to be manually stored and most tracking took place with spreadsheets. Once the team started to grow, the process became painstakingly long, and managing workflows quickly became overwhelming.

Rocky onboarding

With a recent acquisition of Helix eSports and ggCircuit, EEG absorbed over 30 contractors across various countries. They needed a way to onboard new team members quickly and a platform to help facilitate the process. In addition to managing existing teams manually, acquiring entirely new team members brought new challenges that compounded their current issues.

Now it's way more consistent and everyone gets paid on time every month. 

How we Deel with it

After coming across an ad for Deel on Facebook, the team realized it was the perfect solution. Deel helped facilitate EEG’s onboarding of the entire team and provided a solution to centralize all their global payroll. With locally compliant documents and flexible payment options, Deel transformed days of work into a few hours and made managing acquisitions a breeze. Since then, EEG has onboarded 48 team members, spanning 20 different countries.

It’s a merger, it’s an acquisition, it’s an easier way to manage both!

Mergers and acquisitions can be a logistical behemoth. Acquiring team members from different countries you may not have entities is often a rocky road, and it can be difficult to provide them with a positive employee experience, and smooth onboarding. Deel turns those challenges into a walk in the park. Deel centrally manages all compliance and documentation requirements, so EEG doesn’t have to worry about things getting out of hand when they acquire new team members.

The ease of use, simplicity, and efficiency of Deel has helped them completely overhaul their payroll workflow and onboarding experience for new employees. Instead of taking months to set up entities, find local payroll providers, accountants, and local labour specialists, Deel turns the logistical nightmare of mergers and acquisitions into a dream come true.

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Flexible payment options and a centralized platform to pay their employees have saved EEG days of work.

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If an issue comes up, Deel provides 24/7 support. EEG can rest easy knowing the team is always ready to help whenever they need it.

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