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Is your company looking to expand its global workforce to the Netherlands? Or perhaps you want to support talented foreign nationals to obtain Netherlands work visas and permits, allowing them to continue to thrive in a country they've grown to love.

Navigating the intricacies of the Dutch immigration system can be a lengthy and complicated process, leading to missed opportunities, delays in job offers, and increased stress for both your employees and the HR department.

That’s where Deel Immigration steps in.

This session is designed to equip you with everything you need to know to support your employees in obtaining a work visa and residence permit seamlessly.

The session will include:

Visa pathways and eligibility

  • Explore two main pathways: Becoming a recognized sponsor with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and navigating the visa application process yourself or leveraging professional immigration services
  • Uncover the various work visa categories, including the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSM), the GVVA, MVV, and other specialized residence permits

The Netherlands immigration process

  • Navigate through the steps involved in submitting a successful work permit application, ensuring compliance with Dutch immigration regulations
  • Understand the nuances of obtaining a Dutch work permit, such as job market testing, salary requirements, biometrics, and filing procedures at the visa office

Deel's streamlined sponsorship model

  • Learn how Deel, as your dedicated employer of record (EOR) sponsor, can expedite the entire process with enhanced transparency, personalized support, and real-time updates

Compliance in onboarding

  • Learn the importance of verifying your expat employees' work authorization documents (WAD) post-visa issuance
  • Explore how Deel can streamline onboarding with comprehensive services, including background checks, global payroll, benefits administration, and equipment management

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