The New Global Startup Playbook: Strategies for Global Team Management and Growth


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Embark on a groundbreaking journey with The New Global Startup Playbook: Strategies for Global Team Management and Growth, an exclusive panel discussion.

This session is meticulously designed for startup founders, team leaders, and global growth enthusiasts, offering profound insights into managing and scaling a truly international team.

Discover the power behind the collaborative forces of Hubstaff and Deel in this must-attend event.

What to Expect:

In-depth Analysis: Explore the nuances of collective autonomy and its pivotal role in the global talent acquisition strategy.

Strategic Scaling: Best practices for overcoming the typical hurdles of expanding teams across different cultures and time zones.

HR Evolution: Tailored HR strategies that evolve with your startup's growth stages, from seed to scale.

Compliance Mastery: Leverage Deel's expertise in global payroll solutions to foster a compliant and efficient scaling process.


Introduction (5 minutes): Kickoff with an overview of the webinar's goals and the synergistic partnership between Hubstaff and Deel.

Panel Discussion (40 minutes): Dive into strategic insights across four critical themes, culminating in a robust discussion on global team management.

Q&A Session (15 minutes): Your chance to ask the experts. Prepare your questions for a live answer session.

Closing Remarks: Wrapping up with key takeaways and gratitude.

Recorded live April 25, 2024

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Ryan Freeman

Head of Partnerships, Deel

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Chapman Lever

Head of Partnerships, Hubstaff

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