Global Data Transfers

At Deel, we safeguard the personal data of our clients and workers wherever they are based.

Deel transfers personal data as set out in our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Addendums.

Global Data Transfers

To provide our services and facilitate our global operations, we transfer information around the world.

Privacy and data protection laws differ globally. To safeguard the personal data of our workers and clients, we put in place data processing agreements and additional safeguards to protect any personal data transferred, regardless of the destination.

Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)

In some cases, it is necessary for us to transfer data to a third country (non-EU/EEA) to provide our services and products for the purposes of support, security, and sub-processing.

For any transfers of data outside of the EU/EEA, UK or Switzerland, in the absence of an Adequacy Decision, Deel always puts in place Standard Contract Clauses (SCCs) to help ensure the protection of personal data during international transfers.

SCCs are included in our vendor DPAs and our Client DPAs.

EU-US Data Privacy Framework

In light of the new EU-US Data Privacy Framework, Deel has self-certified our participation in facilitating cross-border data transfers in compliance with EU law, Swiss Data Protection Law and the UK GDPR.

Deel is committed to safeguarding any personal data we process. So, due to legal uncertainty surrounding the new Framework, Deel will continue to put in place SCCs and has carried out a Transfer Impact Assessment for transfers of personal data to the US.

Deel's self-certification is available on the US Department of Commerce website. Details about our self-certification can be found in our Privacy Policy.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Although the CCPA does not explicitly legislate cross-border transfers, it does require businesses to inform users about the processing of their personally identifiable information. Detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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