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What are HR Documents?

What is an HR document management system?

What are the benefits of an HR document management system?

Streamline HR tasks on a robust platform

What is HR document management

HR document management is the process of storing, organizing, and managing employee documents such as employee files, performance reviews, and benefits information. 

HR document management can also help you keep track of important employee information and can also help you maintain regulatory compliance. 

Finally, you can conduct HR document management manually or electronically. Many software options are available to help you manage your digital documents, automate HR processes, and protect your employee data if you choose to do it electronically.

What are HR Documents?

A few key HR documents are essential for any large or small business. Here’s a quick overview of a few of the most important HR documents companies and HR professionals use:

  • Employee handbooks: Documents outlining a company’s policies and procedures.
  • Employee contracts: Legally binding employee onboarding documents and agreements between new hires and their employer. Contracts typically outline the terms of employment, including salary, benefits, and job duties.
  • Performance reviews: Documents that summarize an employee’s work competencies over a period of time.
  • Leave files: Paid time off requests and approvals, parental leave, sick leave.
  • Recruiting files: Information related to interview notes, job descriptions, resumes, offer letters, and pre-employment testing results.
  • Payroll records: Attendance records, timesheets, and tax forms.
  • Benefit files: Information about benefits plans and enrollment documents.
  • Training materials: Resources related to employee training programs.
  • Security and accident reports: Paperwork detailing medical information, compensation, and incident reports.

HR document management is an integral part of any HR department. Having accurate, accessible, and secure HR documents helps to ensure that your employees are aware of company policies and procedures, understand their rights and responsibilities, and keep their sensitive information safe.

What is an HR document management system?

A human resources document management system (HRDMS) is a software application that stores, manages, and tracks employee documents. You can use an HR document management system to store and track employee documents, including resumes, performance reviews, and time sheets. 

Many HRDMS applications also include features that allow employers to automate document workflows, request and add e-signatures to electronic documents, and track which employees have viewed or downloaded which documents.

What are the benefits of an HR document management system?

Time savings: A document management solution provides a centralized space for document storage and can help you to organize your HR files in a way that makes them easy to find and use. This approach can save you a great deal of time and frustration and improve the efficiency of your HR department.

Cost savings: In addition to making it easier for you to keep track of employee records, a document management system can also help you to save money. If you’re constantly losing important documents or spending hours searching for them, this is time and money wasted. An employee file management system can help you avoid these problems by giving you quick and easy access to all your HR documents.

Greater security: Finally, instead of storing paper documents in filing cabinets, HR document management software enables you to safely store digital files on cloud-based servers and control access and permissions. You can also apply retention settings so that documents are retained for the proper amount of time.

Streamline HR tasks on a robust platform

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