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What's the difference between Job board and job search engine

What is a job board

A job board, also known as a job site, is an online platform that provides a list of job vacancies.

Companies and recruiters can use job boards to post open positions and search resume databases. Job seekers can use job boards to find new job openings and read job descriptions.

There are different types of job boards. General job boards host different job opportunities across a range of industries. In comparison, niche job boards include job listings for certain jobs for a particular skill set or within a specific industry.

Some well-known online job board sites include:

  • Glassdoor

  • Linkedin

  • Monster

  • Careerbuilder

  • Indeed

Job seekers can apply for an open position through the job board or click a link in the job posting to navigate the employer’s website to complete the application process directly.

Some job boards utilize applicant tracking systems to help streamline the application process.

While a job board contains job postings from a direct source, a job search engine, also called a job aggregator, crawls through job listings from various sources and displays them all in one place.

Platforms like Indeed, for example, double as a job board and search engine. Companies can post job ads on the platform, and job seekers can conduct searches to bring up millions of job listings from multiple sources to find the right job.

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