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What is an applicant tracking system?

How do applicant tracking systems work?

Why use an applicant tracking system?

Benefits of an applicant tracking software for candidates and recruiters

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What is applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system, also known as ATS software, helps managers attract, hire and maximize talent for the workforce. 

What is an applicant tracking system?

ATS solutions automate the hiring process by posting job opportunities to various career sites and filling open positions. They also store applicant data and conduct a preliminary screening for qualified candidates. 

The software helps businesses organize candidates based on their work experience and skill set. It gives the HR team more time to focus on onboarding, payroll, and other responsibilities while the software screens candidates for available job titles.

Sometimes referred to as a talent management system, applicant tracking system (ATS) makes top talent acquisition easy and streamlined, saving time and money in the process.

How do applicant tracking systems work?

Recruiting software operates with metrics and algorithms, feeding top candidates who submit job applications into the interview scheduling phase. 

Some of the best ATS software starts at the beginning of the recruitment process and integrates with job boards to post vacancies and build the employer brand. The software can also be used to post job openings on social media channels such as LinkedIn.

From here, the software ranks aspiring employees on skills and experience, matching them to the job description. Advanced HR software uses technological features, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing, to screen an applicant’s resume for certain words. Online applicants and job seekers are filtered based on various factors, including their work history.

Depending on the ATS system, hiring managers can also submit feedback and take notes on the candidates before inviting them for assessment. Sometimes, recruiters and the hiring team can collaborate through these notes. 

Why use an applicant tracking system?

ATS solutions allow the human resource team to save time and money by optimizing and automating the process.

Whether you’re a new start-up looking to hire contractors or an established, global brand—an ATS serves as a valuable addition to the human resource information system (HRIS).

  • Cast a wide net to discover (and attract) qualified candidates through data analysis, improved functionality, and detailed job postings
  • Boost candidate engagement due to speedy responses and visibility throughout the applicant lifecycle
  • Reduce manual processes and associated costs by improving efficiency through automation (for candidates and HR workflows)
  • Maintain a competitive edge with high-profile brands
  • Improve the onboarding process by sharing essential information with relevant candidates who join the staffing component
  • Create stronger job descriptions to capture the attention of the right candidate to pursue the application process
  • Optimize visibility and collaboration across recruiting teams, reducing friction in the process

Hiring managers from both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies can benefit from using an ATS recruiting software in their hiring process.

Benefits of an applicant tracking software for candidates and recruiters

An applicant tracking system offers many benefits that help recruiters cut through the noise, identify the best candidates for job openings, and save both time and money on recruitment marketing and the hiring process.

Applicant tracking systems also offer benefits to the candidates themselves. Consider the following benefits as a starting point;

  • Better candidate experience through a robust, efficient system and speedy turnaround times (which further builds brand reputation and encourages employee referrals)
  • Improved efficiency in the hiring process, saving time and money while avoiding human error
  • Enhanced onboarding process with an easy transition for successful candidates
  • Easy access to key data points and metrics

The best applicant tracking systems work in conjunction with a candidate relationship management system (CRM) to make the most of these benefits, stay ahead of competitors and streamline the hiring process. From here, hiring managers can schedule interviews with top candidates!

Found the right candidate? Leave the rest to us

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