Remote Work Glossary

What is an off-site

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    The definition of off-site is an activity that takes place or is situated away from a particular place or site. The antonym for off-site is on-site.

    If someone or something is off-site, they are away from a site of a particular activity where people work, study, or stay.

    What is off-site construction?

    Off-site construction or off-site manufacturing refers to the manufacturing, planning, design, fabrication, and assembly of building elements at a location other than their final installed location. The opposite of off-site construction is on-site construction.

    What is a company off-site?

    A company off-site is a corporate gathering held by a company or organization that takes place away from the typical workplace.

    Company off-sites are valuable to bring teams, leaders, or entire companies together to build morale and improve a company’s productivity and culture.

    An off-site can be purely professional such as an off-site meeting that follows a rigid meeting template or agenda. Alternatively, an off-site might be a casual affair, sometimes referred to as a company retreat, where team members have the opportunity to disconnect from their typical responsibilities to relax, have fun and connect with colleagues.

    Off-site activities can include:

    • Strategic planning

    • Establishing goals

    • Kicking-off new projects

    • Quarterly planning

    • Team-building activities

    • Determining/reaffirming team and company values

    • Brainstorming big ideas

    • Sharing feedback

    • Celebrating an achievement

    • Enjoying a fun activity

    • Attending an educational event or conference

    • Going for food

    What are popular company off-site locations?

    Off-site planners are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an off-site location since an off-site can take place anywhere.

    Traditional off-site gatherings typically occur at hotels, spas, or function rooms. However, organizations looking for an unconventional off-site can take their workforce to a beach, Art School, or yoga studio.