A Guide to Running US Payroll

Gain a foundational understanding of US payroll with our guide. Learn about choosing pay schedules, managing deductions, selecting a payroll provider, and more.

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The guide covers the following topics:

Navigating US payroll: A foundational guide

Running payroll in the United States is a critical responsibility for businesses of all sizes. It's more than just paying your employees; it's confidently and compliantly navigating tax laws and regulations. Our guide provides a simple roadmap to help you through the process from start to finish, answering questions like:

  • What are the key employee details required to run payroll?
  • How is an employee’s gross pay calculated in the US?
  • What payroll deductions and withholdings will you need to manage?
  • What are your payroll schedule options?
  • And more

Don't let payroll complexities stress you out. Deel simplifies payroll with automated calculations, tax compliance, and easy paycheck distribution. Whether you're operating in the US or expanding globally, Deel has you covered. 

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