How to Hire and Manage a Virtual Assistant

Need fewer repetitive admin tasks? Time to focus on growing your business? A virtual assistant can make a huge positive impact on you and your business.

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CEOs and small business owners aren’t immune to burnout. 42% of small business owners experience burnout, damaging the business’s–and their own–health and longevity. But if you don’t have another person to keep the business running, a vacation may not be an option.

Who is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are freelancers or full-time employees to whom executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners outsource specific daily tasks they don’t have time or skills to complete on their own.

What can a virtual assistant do for you?

  • Administrative tasks (data entry, answering phone calls, bookkeeping, email management, calendar management)
  • Customer support

  • Lead generation

  • Graphic design

  • Project management

  • Social media management

Why hire a virtual assistant?

  1. They help you free up time for core CEO tasks

  2. They can make up for a specific skill set that you don’t have

  3. They usually have flexible schedules and can easily adapt to your needs

Delegating at least a portion of your daily tasks to a well-organized, skilled virtual assistant can help you reduce stress and burnout, establish systems and workflows, and ensure steady growth for your business.

How do you manage your virtual assistant remotely? We have the answer.

Download our guide to help you find the best person for the virtual assistant job and manage them efficiently wherever they're located.