Deel's Work Visa Webinar Series: Canada Work Visa

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February 7, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Is your company hoping to relocate skilled workers to Canada to build a local workforce presence and enter the local market? Or perhaps you want to support talent in obtaining work authorization so they can continue living and working in a country they love. 

Whatever your objective, you’ll need to know how to obtain a Canadian work visa and permit for your temporary foreign worker. Navigating the Canadian immigration process, however, can be complicated and overwhelming, leading to missed opportunities, job offer delays, and added stress for both the worker and your HR department.

That's where Deel Immigration steps in. 

On the 7th of February, we’re hosting our second webinar in Deel’s work visa series. This time, we’ll explain everything you need to know to support your workers in securing a Canada immigration visa and work permit, including the popular labour market impact assessment (LMIA) route. 

The session will include:

Visa pathways and eligibility 

  • Learn the two pathways: DIY visa sponsorship or utilizing an immigration service provider
  • Discover common work visa categories such as the LMIA GTS Category A, LMIA GTS Category B, and LMIA Exempt and the visa eligibility requirements

The LMIA application process 

  • Uncover the steps to submit an LMIA assessment, including meeting the Canadian government’s LMIA eligibility criteria and providing an offer of employment
  • Understand the process of supporting workers with the Canada work permit application process, biometrics, and visa filing at the visa office. We’ll also share the required documents, associated processing times, and application fees 

The advantage of Deel's accelerated, hands-off sponsorship model

  • Learn how Deel, an employer of record (EOR) sponsor, can handle the entire LMIA assessment process for you in a fraction of the time (even if you're not a Canadian employer) with increased transparency, one-on-one support, and real-time status updates

Support for family members and dependents 

  • Learn how to support your candidate's family members and dependents with completing the application forms and acquiring travel documents and Canadian work permits

Compliant onboarding 

  • Understand the importance of verifying your worker's employment authorization documents (EAD) after visa issuance in case of audits
  • Discover how to streamline onboarding with Deel background checks, global payroll, benefits administration, equipment management, and so much more

We'll also take time to answer all your questions!

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Will the webinar cover pathways to becoming a Canadian permanent resident?

Yes. The webinar will explain how Canadian work permit holders can explore pathways to permanent residency (PR) in Canada and boost their express entry score, a stepping stone to Canadian citizenship.

Will the webinar cover open work permits?

No. An open work permit in Canada is a type of work permit that allows the holder to work for any employer, in any location, and in any occupation, without any restrictions. This webinar will focus on closed work permits tied to a specific employer, location, or occupation.

Will the webinar cover study permits and post-graduation work permits?

No. This webinar is specifically for temporary work visas.

International students looking to study in Canada or those who recently graduated from a designated learning institution and want to continue working in Canada must apply for a study permit or post-graduation work permit.  

Will the webinar cover visitor visas, also known as temporary resident visas (TRVs)?

No. This webinar is specifically for employer-specific work permits and immigration visas for foreign nationals hoping to work in Canada for a specific employer. 

Those looking to visit Canada for leisure, work experience, or business should explore tourist, working holiday, and business visitor visas.



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