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How to Register a Sole Proprietorship in Palau

Registration of the sole proprietorship in Palau is quite simple and takes a few steps. Learn all about the registration process and taxation system.

Anja Simic
Written by Anja Simic
September 17, 2021
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Located in the Pacific between the Philippines and New Guinea, this country has 26 main islands, of which eight are permanently inhabited. Palau currently has about 18,000 inhabitants, while the capital Ngerulmud has 271 inhabitants. The largest part of GDP consists of inflows from Tourism. Palau imports the most oil, machinery, and equipment, and the largest partners are Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. 

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Sole Proprietorship Registration Proces in Palau

To register a sole proprietorship in Palau, one should follow the instructions below.

  • Open a bank account: Under the Money Laundering and Proceeds of the Crime Act of 2001, a business bank account cannot be opened until business establishment documents are submitted. Therefore, you must open an account as a natural person and pay the deposit required by law. When establishing, proof of paid money must be attached to the bank account.
  • Register a business name: Check the availability of names for your business. You can do this online at the Office of the Attorney General website
  • Registration fee: Pay the registration fee at the National Treasury (USD 250)
  • Obtain a certificate of incorporation
  • Register a Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Obtaining a certificate of incorporation in Palau

The process of obtaining a certificate of incorporation takes about 14 days if everything is in order with your papers. You register your business in the Corporate Register at the Office of the Attorney General. This part of the registration process does not require any additional costs, as they are covered within a fee that has already been paid.

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Taxation System in Palau

Any person carrying out commercial activities must be registered with the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation. Any tax must be reported and paid on time to avoid paying a 10% penalty.  

Palau Goods and Services Tax (or PGST) was introduced on January 1 2023. It is a broad-based tax of 10%, applied to most goods and services and other items sold or consumed in Palau.

Business Profits Tax (BPT) was introduced on January 1, 2023 and automatically applies to businesses registered for PGST. It is calculated at 12% tax on net income (gross revenue less allowable deductions), the same rate as the highest rate of tax on wages and salary.

Gross revenue tax (GRT) applies to any non-Palau Goods and Services Tax (PGST) registered person (individual or entity) with an annual gross income more than $50,000. GRT is calculated at 4% of the person’s gross revenue (turnover).

Value Added Tax

VAT in Palau is 7.5%. To register, you need to fill out forms and submit them to the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation. Forms can be found on the official website of BRT. When it comes to VAT refund forms, you can also find them on the same website.

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