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Finder is Australia's most-visited financial comparison site, helping consumers make better financial decisions with clear and simple comparisons. From the start, the team at Finder has adopted a flexible approach to hiring by finding the best global talent to help the business expand into new product categories and capture market share.

The Problem

Hiring with confidence

Finder typically hires employees in strategic regions to expand its local knowledge and presence, engages contractors to break into new business opportunities, and quickly scales specific parts of the business.

This approach has helped Finder rapidly break into new categories and markets, but operational complexity has grown significantly as well. The administrative load increased with every new hire as the Finder team needed to comply with local labor laws while offering a competitive salary and benefits package. Finder assumed all of the risks with every new hire, something that wasn’t sustainable for the long term. The team needed a solution that allowed Finder to hire flexibly, compliantly, and confidently.

The Solution

Hiring assurance with Deel Shield

With Deel, Finder now has a scalable platform to hire employees through an Employer of Record (EOR) or as contractors.

Isaiah James Peralta, Head of Distributed Services, said, “We’ve always wanted to offer our staff flexibility and the same great experience, whether they were full-time or employed on a contract basis. For example, some of our team [members] love the flexibility of contract work, while others prefer the benefits that come with being employed under an EOR. And sometimes this changes as employees go through different phases of their lives and careers. Whatever the case, with Deel, we have the flexibility to choose the best employment structure.”

Finder also uses Deel Shield, which means Deel handles the hiring, compliance, invoicing, and payment of contractors to reduce the risk of misclassification. This also means that, in the event of a potential misclassification claim, Deel takes on complete liability.

“Having Deel’s team handle compliance and statutory requirements frees up my time to focus on providing better workplace experiences, like onboarding to building the capabilities of our workforce,”

Isaiah James Peralta,

Head of Distributed Services at Finder

The Results

Supported every step of the way

Now, Finder has hired and managed staff in over ten countries, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and India, with roles spanning content, data, analytics, public relations and marketing.

Deel’s streamlined self-service dashboard saves Finder a full day of HR admin per week, cutting the time to onboard new team members in half. Plus, the team now has peace of mind knowing that every hire is backed by Deel’s classification guarantee with Deel Shield.

Ongoing support and consultation have also been a highlight.

“Being able to ask our account manager a random question like, ‘How do I explain a specific tax regulation to our employee in the Netherlands’ saves us time [from] having to find things for our team [on our own]. Deel is a no-brainer for lean teams and fast-growing companies,” said Peralta.

Finder continues to leverage Deel for global hiring and talent management and is now looking at ways to improve employee experience and further refine HR processes.

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