How Fnatic unlocked global hiring with Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management

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Meet Fnatic

Unlike traditional Esports organizations, Fnatic is focused on their competitive teams and creating an authentic performance brand and products. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, they’re one of the most successful esports brands of all time, winning more tournaments than any other team globally. Fnatic is a global powerhouse, and with a growing fanbase, they have global hiring needs that need to keep up with them.

The Problem

Getting ahead of the compliance game

Penalized competitors

Esports is an incredibly competitive industry, and Fnatic saw rivals face the consequences of what could happen if they didn’t hire the right way globally. While it can be tempting to scale without focusing on being compliant, the penalties can be enormous. Witnessing other organizations in their sector run into compliance issues, Fnatic were keen to ensure they didn’t suffer the same fate. They didn’t have the resources to navigate local labor laws in every country they wanted to hire. The team needed a reliable partner to ensure they were compliant with every requirement.

An emergency hire

Fnatic had a prospective player in Sweden that they couldn’t afford to lose. While they didn’t have an entity in Sweden, conversations with their future team member were already happening. They needed to find a partner that understood the local labor laws and could help navigate how to bring this particular player on board quickly the right way.

The Solution

How Deel deals with it

Deel's easy-to-use platform and dedication to doing things by the book made Fnatic's choice a no-brainer. Other market alternatives relied heavily on workarounds to solve issues, while Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management's airtight local compliance meant they no longer had to worry about diving into detailed compliance themselves. Since then, Fnatic has hired three contractors and two full-time employees across four different countries. The instant connection and bond with the Deel team helped them quickly realize support is just a click away, and any compliance question will get answered explicitly in a matter of minutes.

The Results

Eliminating the blockers

By partnering with Deel, Fnatic has been able to accomplish things that otherwise would have been impossible. Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management didn't just make HR compliance and global payroll easier; it made them a reality. Being able to rely on compliant contracts and an efficient EOR partner unlocked doors for them to expand further into Asia and Europe to keep up with their growing audiences. What were once multiple blockers to scale are no longer an issue.

Deel Global Payroll has also been a massive game-changer for Fnatic as well. Instead of worrying about five different payroll processes to pay people in five other countries, Deel Global Payroll centralized their workflow to ensure people got paid on time, quickly, and efficiently. With the help of support and success teams at Deel, they can also provide their team with the answers to any HR questions. It's a streamlined workflow for Fnatic that creates a tremendous remote working experience for their team.

With the labor market becoming more and more remote, they can now look to the future and consider options they wouldn't have been able to before. With team members wanting to work from home or wherever, Fnatic can accommodate in a compliant way, instead of completely turning down the request. They've seen firsthand the time and effort it takes to open a foreign entity, and Deel has given them the flexibility to speed up that process.

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