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The Company

The flexible platform to build AI chatbots

Voiceflow enables users to design, test, and launch applications for voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The platform lets users create voice chatbots, voice-activated apps, and other voice-driven tools without extensive coding knowledge. With Voiceflow’s intuitive interface and tools, creating AI voice assistants is more accessible to a wider range of developers and designers.

The Problem

The need to hire, onboard, pay, and equip a global team

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2019, Voiceflow initially operated as an on-site company, hiring talent from its home city and the US—its only global entity. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Voiceflow, like many other companies, went remote and remains a remote-first company today.

With this integral change, the Voiceflow team looked to international hiring as a fundamental part of its growth strategy. However, setting up global entities to hire and pay everyone was out of the budget and timeframe for them. Voiceflow needed a partner who could help. That’s when Deel came in. With all of their global HR and compliance handled, Voiceflow could focus on growing its team.

However, Voiceflow faced a new challenge—finding a unified way of sending new team members equipment within budget and without delay. Initially, Voiceflow’s equipment purchasing was disjointed. Some equipment was purchased directly from a provider’s local stores, while others were purchased through third parties. This resulted in inconsistent delivery dates, prices, logistics, and experiences for everyone.

“It was a mess. We couldn’t control and know the exact shipping date, which gave a bad experience to the new hires and the internal team solving this. Plus, the cost could sometimes [double],”

Andrew Lawrence,

Co-founder and Head of Operations at Voiceflow.

The Solution

Equipping the entire team with a few clicks

Luckily, Deel’s integration with Hofy solved Voiceflow’s international equipment shipping challenges.

Now, Voiceflow is sending laptops to new team members quickly and securely. Lawrence said, “The process was extremely simple and fast. It was surprising to me how [setup] took a few minutes instead of hours.”

Deel’s partnership with Hofy saves Voiceflow time and ensures a great experience for new team members as well as the equipment team. With equipment being such an integral, personal part of a worker's journey, complaints can arise quickly if something goes wrong. With Deel, the Voiceflow team is having an easier time without complaints.

“We’ve had zero complaints from new team members receiving their equipment,” said Lawrence. “Plus, I’ve only heard great things about the service from the internal Voiceflow team in charge of the process. It’s one less task [for them] that used to take a lot of time and effort.”

The Results

Saving time and money is easy with Deel’s HR platform

Since working with Deel, Voiceflow can hire, onboard, pay, and equip its entire global workforce through one platform. The team has grown to over 20 people in 7+ countries, saving Voiceflow $30K in entity setup.

Voiceflow has also streamlined how it sends equipment with Deel’s Hofy integration, saving over 60 hours of admin and an additional $10K.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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