At Deel, we’ve always been our first customer, which helps keep us poised to break new ground for our customers. As the company and team grew, we tackled the problems we faced, from onboarding employees to automating tedious processes. 

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How Deel uses Deel AI

Deel AI combines our deep knowledge base of country compliance laws with your own team data to surface up-to-date insights at any moment.

Meet Aaron Goldsmid, Head of Product, responsible for building Deel AI and see how we leveraged ChatGPT models to make our internal processes faster and more efficient.

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How Deel runs Payroll through Deel

The Deel team spans over 100 countries—and we pay them all through Deel. Get a rare behind-the-scenes look on how we leverage our own Global Payroll and US Payroll solutions.  

Join Dan Mellor, Associate Director, Payroll Operations and Mariah Hantis, Sr. Director, Total Rewards for lessons and strategies learned while building Deel for Deel.

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