A Case Study on Deel: How We Saw the Need for an HRIS

Learn about the making of Deel HR, an all-in-one HRIS built to scale with you, no matter who or where you are.

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In this case study:

Get a behind-the-scenes look at why and how we built Deel HR.

At Deel, we have over 2,000 workers spread across 100+ countries. Like other global teams, we needed an HRIS that could support our international workers—a platform with localization, customization, and a seamless user experience. 

So, we built Deel HR, the only global-first HRIS for everyone, everywhere.

Our decision to build Deel HR wasn’t based on our needs alone. We also interviewed HRIS and non-HRIS users to determine what modern teams need from an HR platform. The result is a global HRIS that enables you to:

  • Save costs by consolidating multiple HR platforms into one
  • View all your workforce data in one place
  • Manage onboarding, payroll, and compliance in any country
  • Build a stronger company culture with Deel Engage plugins

Read this case study to get a closer look at the unique features and functions of Deel HR.