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Download our free 9 box grid template (Excel and Google Sheets) for streamlined talent and performance management.

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What's included

Free 9-box grid template overview

Our 9-box grid assessment template offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating employee performance and potential.

This downloadable template includes:

  • Simple 9-box assessment: Evaluate employees based on two key questions: "Assess this employee's potential" and "Assess this employee's performance," both on a 1-3 rating scale; the results are automatically compiled in the "Results: Simple 9-box grid" sheet
  • Advanced 9-box assessment: Use different rating scales for performance, which are then converted to a 3-point system for the 9-box grid; results are compiled in the "Results: Advanced 9-box grid" sheet
  • Detailed rating scales: Consult the detailed rating scale for assessing performance and potential to ensure consistent and accurate reviews
  • Automated results compilation: The 9-box grid automatically populates with employee names based on your assessments; each box in the grid includes a percentage indicating its share from the total pool of evaluated employees
  • Interpretation guide: Use the "Interpretation" sheet to understand the profiles for each category of employees
  • Advice for enabling the full potential of your employees: Get actionable advice to help employees thrive within your organization, tailored to their specific performance and potential ratings

How to use this 9-box grid Excel template

This template contains two variations of the 9-box grid. 

The simple version of the 9-box assessment is based on answering two questions: "Assess this employee's growth potential" and "Assess this employee's performance." Both questions use a 1-3 rating scale, which allows for easy plotting of employee performance and potential on the 9-grid.

The advanced version of the 9-box assessment relies on multiple performance review questions and a single question to identify potential.

The advanced version offers more options to customize your assessment:/p>

  • There are five question options for rating current performance—feel free to edit or replace them, for example, by incorporating competencies or specific performance metrics
  • You can also add or remove from the total number of questions
  • You can adjust the rating scale for evaluating performance, so you're not confined to a 1-3 rating scale
  • We added detailed rating instructions for two options for rating performance: 1-4 and 1-5 scales; note that the potential is evaluated on a 1-3 scale

Regardless of the version you choose (simple or advanced), once you've assessed employee potential and performance, the 9-box grid will automatically populate with your employees' names.

Below each box, you will find a percentage indicating its share from your evaluated employee pool.

To interpret the results, browse the "Interpretation" sheet. You will find profiles for each employee category and actionable advice for helping them thrive in your organization.

Use the profiles to start conversations with employees about their career paths. Use the follow-up actions during one-on-one coaching sessions as starting points for creating individual development plans.