A Guide to Work From Anywhere Schemes: Best Practices, and Compliance

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Demand for WFA as part of an employee value proposition has been rising all year. Flexa’s data on the number of people who desired WFA schemes hit 87% in June 2023 before leveling out at 85% for the summer. This demand is a huge change from 25% of people looking for companies with WFA schemes in September 2020. 

It’s clear that WFA schemes are a big pull for both candidates to join a company and for team members to stay and enjoy the flexible, forward-thinking culture. However, embracing a WFA scheme is more complex than grabbing your passport and laptop and booking a place to stay. You and your team should consider important legal and tax implications and ensure everyone understands the company’s expectations and boundaries before jetting off. 

To ensure you get it right the first time, Deel and Flexa are here to guide you through making working from anywhere a reality for your team.