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At Deel, we are dedicated to protecting your personal data. Privacy is not only a matter of compliance, but it's an integral part of our business.

Explore our Deel Privacy pages to learn more about how we process and protect your personal data.

Privacy Policy
Data Processing Addendum
Global Data Transfers
Privacy & Security Standards
Privacy Services
Privacy FAQs

At Deel, our privacy compliance cornerstones are rooted in our company values.

Trust & Transparency

At Deel, we believe transparency is essential for maintaining trust in the data protection in our products and services.

See our Privacy Policy to understand what personal data we collect and how we use it.

Global Protection

As a global company, we process personal data all over the world. We rely on a range of safeguards to protect the personal data of our customers and consultants regardless of their location.

See our Data Protection Addendums and Transfer Impact Assessment to see how we employ safeguards like the EU Standard Contractual Clauses.

Proactive Compliance

At Deel we believe in proactive privacy compliance in our products and internal processes. We understand that privacy legislation around the world is always evolving and so too are our customer's requirements.

We consider data discovery an essential aspect of proactive compliance and data security. This means at Deel we maintain records of the data we process to ensure we always understand how data is used, by whom and how it is stored. This process helps us to proactively protect data against any potential risks.

Privacy by Design

When we create our products, we consider privacy by design and default through technical and organizational measures, only processing the necessary amount of personal data, employing risk assessments and ensuring privacy is woven into every stage of product and process development.

To learn more about our technical and organizational measures, see our Security page.

A team you can trust

Deel's Data Protection and Security Training equips our staff with essential knowledge to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data. Covering topics like data classification, access control, and incident response, our training empowers our team members to process personal data securely.

Through our training programs, we prioritize safeguarding data and maintaining a secure environment for our clients and stakeholders.

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