Confidentiality Agreement Template

A confidentiality agreement is essential for any business looking to protect its proprietary information when working with remote and international teams.

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What's included

Does your remote team deal with proprietary information, trade secrets, and intellectual property that would be damaging or costly if leaked? If so, It’s time to consider implementing a confidentiality agreement.

Both in-office and remote teams have a duty to protect a company’s confidential information. However, safeguarding this information can be more challenging for remote teams.

Remote workers may store and share company information on personal devices, connect to public networks and perform their duties in public settings. These activities increase the risk of confidential information being disclosed to competitors or the general public.

Protect your company’s confidential information with Deel’s free confidentiality agreement template.

This template is specially tailored for remote and international teams. It’s part of our remote work policy collection, which aims to support growing teams with modern and approachable templates for the future of work.


Confidentiality agreement template overview

A confidentiality agreement, also called a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) or nondisclosure agreement (NDA), is a binding legal contract between a company and a remote worker. It ensures the remote worker does not disclose confidential business information to third parties without authorization.

The policy includes:

  • Confidentiality agreement overview
  • Important definitions to note
  • The remote worker’s obligations
  • Exceptions to the agreement
  • Length of the agreement
  • Remote worker acknowledgments

How to use this template

This template is a customizable document. You’ll see placeholder text and prompts to guide your agreement to reflect your local labor laws and your team’s unique approach to remote work.

We suggest integrating the signing of this agreement in your remote workers’ onboarding process to ensure they review and understand the details of the agreement before they commence work.

Streamline the entire NDA process

Use this template as a starting point or generate a compliant and legally-reviewed NDA directly on the Deel platform for your contractors to e-sign. It's free and part of Deel HR's automatic onboarding process for global teams like yours.